Watch, Listen and Feel the Niagara YOGI-MEDITATORS: What are they like?! What do they do?!

 1) Telling Stories with Surprise Endings (video!)

It is a normal practice for yogis to visit various centres either for helping at the classes or simply to enjoy exchanging vibrations and spiritual growth. Also we are encouraging the ‘new ones’ to try and visit various centres ‘around’ to  experience this unique sahaj togetherness and oneness – that ‘family’ feeling like. So, that night we had a bunch of representatives from St Catharines’ Sunday class coming to the Burlington meeting. Feel the sheer joy and spontaneity that was captured this time on camera.

2) (Ray’s) Enjoying the Singing and Painting with Sister Burlington Class

Ray from Niagara Falls was still very new with Sahaja Yoga when he had shared with us 2 songs that he was inspired to compose, both dedicated to Sahaja Yoga and to the respected guru-teacher, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. That evening we were in preparations for the soon to come “Easter Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seminar” at Ontario level with hundreds of participant yogis. This year our Halton-Niagara group was the event’s organizer so our preparation activities are caught on camera. Enjoy!

 3) In Nature – Seminars

We all love Niagara Falls and Niagara region, one cannot say enough how lucky = blessed we are to have it so near. Many of our major get-togethers during warmer weather happen to be “right there”. Below we had collected some gorgeous pictures from nature as well with what we consider to be the beautiful nature of sahaja yoga practitioners. Better take a walk through this photo- album below and let us know if we were right or not 🙂

Dear Yogi brothers & Yogini sisters from St Catharines-Niagara, We All Love You! We’ll come over in 2014!
Sahaja Yoga Halton-Niagara-Youth Seminar by Niagara Gorge - Spring 2013

“Sahaj Family Photo” @ Niagara Spring Seminar -2013!

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