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Hema – Sitar


We had a wonderful Evening @ Oakville Class on Friday, July 3 @ Glen Abbey Recreation centre.

Our Special Guests did not only carry us to an elevated space with their music, but both Ahilan and Hema had the open hearts to offer us teaching elements – so very interesting! – about Sitar, Tabla and Classical Indian Music.

We are looking forward to Enjoy these musicians again, this time the event will happen most probably in September during a Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class in Burlington @ Brant Hills Community Centre.

I am inviting Hema to drop few lines with her experience of this event, how she had perceived our entire evening, the vibrations from the audience and so on.

Ahilan – Tabla

100_34873 What was also interesting was how we had the proof that using a more clear-pure “personal instrument”  (when our subtle body becomes purer, with less blockages) will enhance our ability to perceive correctly the energy around us; from the environment; from other people, even from Music.

After our workshop with Hema (where our Left and Right energy channels got cleared out using the elements of Earth and Air/Ether)  we all were able to feel the balance in our hands and the coolness all around; by the end of the class everyone was able to feel the Kundalini energy and not only for oneself but even more, to feel another person’s Kundalini.

That was trully COOL!

Of course I am inviting also Ahilan to share his notes on this Special Evening, as well any feedback from those that were direct participants to this event as well from you who are now reading and watching these photos.. Any feedback, comments, replies are very welcomed. We are all one family and it’s so nice to open up and communicate with each other.

More COOL Photos you can enjoy in the Photo-Album below:

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  1. Paula Erskine

    This event really opened my eyes to the power certain music has to heal our chakras (energy centers). It was interesting to learn that the tabla (drums) can help our heart chakra, and the sitar helps open up our seventh chakra sahasrara. Hema taught us that the music designed for spiritual awakening was created during meditations and written in a way that made the spirit in all of us dance! Every note has a purpose, to enlighten our spirit.

    Ahilan’s tabla playing enhanced our heart chakra’s qualities and confirmed we are all one. Thank you to them both, I really enjoyed the music and would love to see them play again!

  2. Angela Borgeest

    My girlfriend, our 16 year old daughter and I attended the Friday music meditation.
    My first exposure to Sahaja yoga was at the recent Oakville Waterfront Festival and I was touched by how wonderful and intuitive Ioana is, so I was motivated to attend and learn more.
    I was very impressed with the ‘way’ meditation was taught, the musicians were very clear about why music is used in meditation, how different instruments stimulates the opening of various chakras to ‘receive’, the intricacies of notes (high music and low music notes)that we take in everyday living has divine abilities to inspire us.
    Little hand exercises such as holding our hands out to feel if one hand feels heavier and subsequently learn how to balance the right and left side of our energy that we can stay centred – foucssed to maximize out meditation powers …all these instructions, practises were very helpful to beginners and I suspect it wouldn’t hurt seasoned meditators.
    It was indeed an evening well spent, I felt the cooling energy which instead of feeling fearful about this, I now understand is good and will embrace it in future, I felt quitew restless at one point and was tempted to get up and move as the energy felt so strong within me it was hard to sit still – mind you, a 2 hour sit is normally a bit long for me especially when the chairs are not really comfortable chairs to start with – maybe this can be put into future 2 hour long meditation classes – that we can all get up and do a little stretch, it might cultivate better focus?
    Carry on the good work and I hope to return to more future events.

  3. Bhola Sharma Pokhrel

    Hi !
    It seems really wonderful!Love of all Sahajayogies who attended there may created divine vibration which can be feel.
    Thanks for posting.


  4. ann

    So wonderful vibrations, the music brings sooo much joy to your spirit. I was spell bound in beautiful sounds that my chakra’s danced. Thank you everyone for a amasing evening.


  5. Hema Kukreja


    I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and towards the end, when Ioana added some words about music, it felt as if some layers of Sahastrar opened – can’t really put the experience in words.

    I didn’t want to talk after Ahilan’s tabla piece, but had to, to continue the meeting! Mom felt Shri Shiva was dancing.

    It seems like Paula was listening actively!!

  6. Claudia

    I felt such cool vibrations from viewing the photos – it was as if I had been there. Everyone’s smile was so joyful ! Hema and Ahilan looked so sweet.

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