Vision – Experience during Workshop @ Oakville Waterfront Festival

shri-mataji-white-with-flowersMargaret shared with us the experience that one lady, Donna had during the workshop with sahaja yoga meditation at Waterfront Festival in Oakville 2009 . Enjoy!

“Her name was Donna. She came to the booth on Sat June the 27th at the Oakville Waterfront Festival early afternoon. After a brief introduction of Sahaja Yoga which she first thought it was an exercise – she sat comfortably receiving her realization during which she felt an aura of cool breeze around her with vision of Shri Mataji offering her flowers. Amazingly & happily she left the booth with a vow to attend the Oakville class.

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  1. Carmen

    Miracles do happen every day in SY we just need to surrender.

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