Inge – I was searching for Something Perfect that would Change the World

Inge – I was searching for Something Perfect that would Change the World

photo shared by yogis after the meditation during a sahaja yoga international seminar

In my young years I was a “Seeker” – I was looking for something perfect, something that could change the world, something without inner contradictions, something that was not based on blind faith but could be scientifically verified. What exactly I was looking for I did not know.

I tried all sorts of things – politics, feminism, environmental protection, nature, religions – but after an initial enthusiasm I was soon disappointed by the inadequacies and contradictions within these concepts.

Then, I discovered Sahaja Yoga.

I could hardly believe that I had found a Method where Theory and Practice perfectly complemented each other.

I started meditating daily and Sahaja Yoga soon became part of my life.

Right at the beginning 2 things happened; I stopped smoking (I had smoked about 10-20 a day), and the same happened with my regular alcohol consumption.

These two habits just fell away from me and I was stunned – how could this happen so easily and without effort?

37 years later I still meditate daily and with pleasure. I am completely healthy, know how to bring myself back into balance again and again, and find The Answer to problems spontaneously in my meditation.

It goes on and on – ever more subtle dimensions open up, absolute peace, absolute joy, and the knowledge that I can change myself and the world!

Inge – Vancouver Island, Canada
(2011) Gift offered symbolically (and based on its cool vibrations) to Shri Mataji (for the garden of “Sahaja Centre” in New Jersey) by the Halton Yogis on behalf of “Canada” with the occasion of Canada Day; It was such a joyful experience!!

“Joy Giving Band of Yogis” perform for “We are One” Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Event @ Art Gallery of Burlington

“Meditation and Bhajans in Oakville” – “Canada Culture Days” Event offered by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation

We hope you enjoyed Inge’s Testimonial and the Sahaj Music “made in Canada” somehow it feels so special to bring here together Canadian vibrations from BC + ON. During our SYMN online meditations we also meditate for Canada and the World.

Canada Day with Yogis Team @ Strawberry Festival by the Ontario lake in Burlington

In Pursuit of the Spirit — Realize Deep Concepts on Nirvana Day

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  1. Jolanta

    Nice to read your testimonial Inge. I bet it goes for all Sahaja Yoga practitioners, and I almost found it surprising at some point, that I completely lost appetite for alcohol and have not had it for years. Drinking alcohol had never been a problem for me, but I used to enjoy it once in a while. My Kundalini energy must have done something that I completely lost appetite for it, which is just one piece of scientific evidence for the miracles of Sahaja Yoga.

  2. Anjali

    Dear aunry Inge,
    Although we’ve never met in person…through some of our conversations with you and uncle Allen, I felt such a connection with you both. After reading about your path to Sahaja Yoga I feel like we were all part of one big beautiful family but were separated and by Shri Mataji’s grace, we all got reunited through our self realization in Sahaja Yoga. I do hope we will get to meet in person one day and hug and sing and dance in bhakti of our spiritual Mother!
    Thank you for sharing your story with us, the more I learn about the journey of Sahaja yogis on this web page, the more respect, love and beauty I feel within.

  3. Ioana

    ** comment from Vani (NZ) via what’s up:

    Beautiful testimony from Inge so full of sincerity and love 🙂 .. stunning photos by yogis .. loved the story of the scientist and his dear son :-).. so true ..

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