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Enlightened Definitions in Sahaja Yoga Meditation – from Shri  Mataji

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Paris, June 18, 1983 – Talk of Shri Mataji (Intellect, Faith & The Elements)

I am so happy and joyous to be here with so many Sahaja yogis and so many of them are very new, not very new to me, perhaps I have known all of you thousand of years back. In Sahaja Yoga, you have
all to understand one simple thing, that you are the Spirit, and whatever is not the Spirit is not yourself.
We can compare the Spirit with the Sun: the sun can be covered with the clouds. There can be superimposition on the sun, but sun remains as it is at this point. You cannot enlighten the sun. It is illumined by itself. Now, when the clouds are removed, the superimposition is removed, the sun shines through the atmosphere. So our Spirit is also superimposed by ignorance. As long as there is superimposition, you cannot see the Spirit. And even when few clouds disappear, the superimposition exists.
Clouds - Omar
One has to have a clear sky to see the light of the Spirit shining through. There are many ways by which we can try to remove the clouds.
The first and foremost thing is the assumption, the faith, that we are the Spirit and that the rest is superimposition. You have to assume that within yourself. After realization, it should become very easy. That you are something much more, something very different from what you have known so far.
So now the new situation arises: that you do not have a blind faith, but you have a faith that has come out of an experience.
So your intellect should not fight it. It should not try to challenge it. If it starts challenging it and if you hear to your intellect, you will again go down.
Even if you get the glimpses of a star in the sky, then the scientist believe that there is a star.
So in the same manner, even if you get the glimpses of your realization, you have to at least believe that you are also the Spirit. You go on sticking to that experience and keeping your attention on the fact that you are the Spirit. Tell your intellect not to cheat you anymore. You can turn the face of your intellect by this.
Now your Intellect will start working for the pursuit of the Spirit. This is what Faith means. Faith gives rise to Pure Intelligence. Now once you have seen clouds removed, still there are clouds.
So you have to use the wind to remove the clouds,  the Wind of the Holy Ghost. And – that you know – there are many ways of taking advantage of The Wind.
So the wind comes from some other source. That is the source of the Holy Ghost, your own Kundalini. And also you have in person the Primordial Kundalini before you. Compared to many other seekers who came before you, you are very fortunate. Because worshiping any vigraha, any statue of self-created vibrations of the Mother Earth people had big problems. They had to first of all do a meditation which was called as Sarvikalpa Samadhi. That means in that state you had to concentrate on such a statue, vigraha. Vigraha means ‘the one which is a vibrating statue’. And then go on looking at that statue, and try to raise your Kundalini. And Kundalini used to come up to Agnya (the chakra placed before the crown chakra), but the jumping beyond the Sahasrara (crown chakra) was an impossible task because one has to go from form to formless. And it was so difficult to get out of form to formless, and even to concentrate on abstract or formless was another impossible task. As the Muslims did or many others tried to do.Ganesha -RO
Under these circumstances it was necessary that the formless had to take a form so that there were no more complications. As soon as you concentrated on the form you became formless. Like if you have ice before you, as soon as you start touching the ice, it melts away and you start feeling the cool. So the problem is very easily solved now. Puja is one of the things by which you can excite the forms into formless. Now your centers are the centers of energies, but they too have a guiding deity (divine aspect/ archetype / governing power-energy)  sitting on all these chakras. They are also the formless made into forms. And when you do the puja (Sanskrit for veneration), the forms melt into formless energies. And these formless energies start flowing, and then blows the wind. And that is how these mis-identifications, these super-impositions on the Spirit are removed.

Puja & HavanaSeer in the Bhakti Realm of Sahaja Yoga Meditation


Now you cannot think about the ‘puja‘. These are things which happen into a realm which is beyond thinking. So you have to understand that you cannot rationalize the Puja. You should have the maximum advantage on your chakras. For that, you must fully just concentrate on the puja, and how the wind is blowing. And the wind will see to it that it drives out all the clouds. So your only work is – your only method is – just to concentrate on the puja and witness. You are a Seer.
Seer has double meaning. The one who sees only, just sees and he is only knowledge, he is a seer. Without any thought, without any reaction, just sees and absorbs automatically, spontaneously, he
is the seer. For me sometimes it is burden-some because there should be some parity between you and the deities, some balance must be there.
Here you are saying all the mantras and the deities (principles/qualities/governing energies of the subtle energy centers) are awakened and there you are who do not want to receive anything within your heart. So I am the one who has to stock up all the extra energy that is produced in my body. So it would be better if you all keep your hearts opened and watch the puja without thinking about it. Today we will reverse the method of the Puja. First we will do the Havana and then the Puja, it will be better. Because by that we will evoke the fire element which burns away all the evils.
When you wash my feet you do the same thing and even when you evoke the fire you do the same thing. Today first we will have the havana and then the puja, both are just the same. You can worship with water or with fire. The essence of fire is the glow, all that is wrong, all that is evil is burnt off and then the glow shows on the faces and on the bodies of the seekers. And also the atmosphere is charged with the beautiful vibrations when you have the havana.
May God bless you.

Shri Mataji - The Wind of Change Blowing


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