Adrian’s Presentation: The Enlightened King Janaka (Sahaj Guru Game)

VIDEO Raja Janaka in Sahaj Guru Game (Adrian & Divya)

Let’s explore the live recording of the Sahaj Guru Game “Team Janaka” that was presented in front of the Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation class in 2011.  They had to study about King Janaka – The Enlightened King of Ancient Mithila Kingdom – and bring their own experience forward. Enjoy!

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Thanks go to Peter from Burlington class for filming tour Team#1’s  presentation (Shri Janaka – who is known as one for the 10 Primordial Gurus in Sahaja Yoga). Stay tuned to watch the video with the presentation of Shri Abraham.

(video) Artistic Bonus to Adrian’s Presentation

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  1. Helen

    Hello- this was most enjoyable to watch. A wonderful mix of learning, reality, joy and adventure.

    Thanks for sharing. My void feels satisfied!

  2. paula

    Thank you to Adrian and Divya for introducing King Janaka and the guru principle to us! The connections with our lives and how we make it relevant is what it is all about. You both explained so well how one primordial master’s teachings can lead us to find people with strong and good guru principles all around us in today’s modern society. Shri Mataji has decoded everything for us, it us up to us to surrender our opinions and judgements and simply feel the all pervading power of truth in our hands. I am so happy to receive this gift of a video so quickly after it was filmed! My mother was explaining to me about the guru names on the eggs, she loved it. Can’t wait to hear more presentations, so beautiful to see people evolving more and more every guru game!

  3. Kusum

    Thank you Adrian and Divya for this wonderful presentation! From this presentation I have gained so much more knowledge about King Janaka. I am very sorry for not being able to take part in the presentation. But you both did an amazing job! Thank you for explaining the Guru principle and how to surrender, so well. Also, Thank you Ioana for sending us all the information.

  4. Divya

    Thank you everyone.

    I am so blessed to find this connection with Sahaj Yoga. I hope to be able to translate this blessing into my relation -ship with my mother, who gave birth to me, somehow I have held her responsible for all my life’s hardships, which is not really true.

    Also, I really hope I am able to translate this knowledge and love into the lives of my children and husband, the fact the we are under one roof as a family, does hold that we have to share this knowledge and love together.

    Now, I thank Sri Mataji many times in a day, for little things that didn’t seem important earlier and I try to keep negative thoughts away.

    Thank you once again.

    1. adrian

      Great to read your words… especially the part where you recognize that your mother is not responsible for your hardships. You are now on that path of recognizing the guru within yourself… and that you have mastery over those things to which you wish to give your attention.

  5. Debbie

    Wonderful knowledge and always love hearing about the personal experiences and connections.

    Lots of love always.

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