Easy to be an Angel? Difficult to maintain it? – Then call in the Guru Principle!

sahaja-meditation- angel through kundalini awakening“..As you are all Realised Souls ( having Kundalini energy  awakened) and as I have told you, you are all Angels, but if you do not establish your Guru Principle, you know of angels how they have fallen down and gone forever..

So be careful, it’s easy to be an Angel but difficult to maintain it. 🙂

It is difficult to be the Gods and Goddesses (the divine principles that govern the sublte energy centers within us that are called chakras), but easy to maintain it. 🙂 “

Shri Mataji’s “Advises on Angels and Gods” in Italy, 1989

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  1. Thava Govender

    An apt quote and timeously alerted for all of us- with the hated mails that are being circulated worldwide . As it is affirmed by this Divine quote…. that it is difficult to be the angels and maintain our status of divinity .Thank you Ionana

  2. Sahaj

    Sahaj yoga is sahaj- easy to obtain but it’s more difficult to sustain the balance and be in yoga stage. Fortunately have a living example of our primordial guru to follow the footsteps.

  3. Rabi Ghosh

    That’s a very profound quote

    It is easy to be angel but difficult to maintain…

    That’s what’s an apt message on the occasion of invoking Guru Principles within…. And We can’t live without it.

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