WATCH Burlington’s Global Teen Leader Receiving 2 Awards for BREAKFAST!

Shulin - February 25 2016 at Aldershot School
Shulin Zhang – February 25 2016 at Aldershot School’s Cafeteria after receiving 2 Awards for breakfast



Enjoy 2 Video Clips — feel the warmth from these amazing teachers from Aldershot school that know how to support and recognize the inner beauty, the inner growth and the values that matter, in their students!

VIDEO#1 — Ms Botelho, Vice-Principal @ Aldershot School

Shulin’s Award#1 from Aldershot School’s Vice-Principal @ Principal’s Breakfast Award from Sahaja Yoga Halton

VIDEO#1 — Award for Leadership in Bringing the Experience of (sahaja yoga) meditation to Aldershot School

Shulin’s Award#2 from Aldershot @ Principal’s Breakfast Award from Sahaja Yoga Halton o


(click!) Math Class Students AppreciateLive Music and Sahaja Yoga MeditationWorkshop with Tim Bruce

(click!) Photos & Appreciation Letter for Poetry, Music and Meditation 

SHULIN’s Equally Awesome (Awarded) Peers @Aldershot:

Principals Breakfast Awards Recipients Aldershot Feb 25 2016
Group photo with Principal’s Breakfast Awards Recipients Aldershot Feb 25 2016
Sam and Shulin -Youth meditation team at Forest Festival
Shulin and Samantha from ‘Life de-Stress Program for Youth – with sahaja yoga meditation, offering special programs to students participating to Forest Festival in Halton in 2015 — great job, great feedback from organizers as well from students and teachers that tried these meditation workshops outdoors!

That morning, on February 25th, 2016, in Aldershot schools’ cafeteria, we all felt very proud of our community we grow together here in Burlington!

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  1. Aarthi Nair

    Congratulations Shulin …Way to go !!

  2. Konstantin


  3. Helen

    Congratulations Shulin,

    You are certainly helping to make the world a better and healthier place!
    Continue to enjoy the inner journey, and keep helping to empowering others!! So proud of you.

    Many blessings, Helen

  4. Mohinder Sidana

    I do not have any words to say about this child how much she contributes to all the programs everywhere
    I just pray to divine to bless her with everything
    she is born to spread peace and love in this world
    All my love blessings and support

  5. Antoinette Wells

    Well done! Lovely girl!

  6. Nitin

    Great work Shulin. Congratulations.

  7. Carolyn Vance

    Wonderful expression of the spirit within, Shulin! Keep on radiating that incredible light!
    love, Carolyn

  8. Kruti

    Way to go Shulin. You have a such deep knowledge and understanding of today’s problems and their solutions. You are such a good example to today’s youth to make this world a better place. We are so proud of you.

  9. Colleen

    Fantastic Shulin!! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing Sahaja Yoga Meditation with so many others in so many places. Love you!!

  10. Feras

    Beautiful work. Schools need such programs. Congratulations!

  11. Sandra

    Shulin, what a blessing of a Sahaja Youth you are. Congratulations! And thank you!

  12. Ana-Bianca

    Congrats Shulin, keep up the good work I’m so proud of you!

  13. Karen

    Congratulations Shulin!!!
    Keep up the good work, you were born to be on this amazing journey.
    Much love & happiness on your travels. xoxo

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