Guess WHO are the LEADERS of Tomorrow?

Painting showing the Archetypes and the Primordial Gurus having the attention on Earth and discussing Who are the Leaders of Tomorrow
On June 1st, 2014 – Ontario sahaja yoga meditation had celebrated the International Children’s Day by offering a pilot program in Etobicoke’s City Hall for a group of children, parents, teens and young adults interested to come together for meditation, play, fun and ultimately – for a strong connection with each other and with the world we are living in. Below are gathered together in a colorful bouquet of sound, image, joy, wisdom and innocence: feedback, photos and video. Enjoy getting to know the true leaders of tomorrow gathered on June 1st for a Fun Inner peace program!

Ana Bianca (Western university/Youth meditation program)

“I am so glad I came to the cool kids program in Etobicoke, it was so nice to see the children so meditative and so genuinely attentive.

Cool Kids meditation - June 1 2014 Etobicoke City Hall

Children Meditation 1

“There were also some really special moments when the young children were paired up with teens and young adults to learn how to give chakra workshops to each other as well to talk about meditation and how it can benefit the world.”

Demi and Katya - Grade 1-4 meditators

Miriam and Roshini -highschool meditators

Dylan (Waterloo University -Sahaja Yoga Meditation club)

“The children’s day program was a great success! Fun for the whole family and a great learning opportunity for all who attended. The child meditators are already so mature and confident to interact with adults, yet each of them permeate such a tremendously joyful innocence, and effortless playfulness. Some of our girls even helped in leading the class with an original play acted out with charming little felt puppets. It really explained the Grace we’re all blessed with of Mother Kundalini – energy spring off Mother Earth/Nature itself.”

Though we are strong as individuals, collectively we truly feel our might. Coming together as one whole, we played a series of games, strengthening bonds and love for one another and losing ourselves in joy. Afterwards we coupled up for one-on-ones with the children where I personally was blown away by the beauty of these little souls. Such humility and respect, one can only wonder what great personalities these little ones must have been in their last lives. If our children are our future, after meeting Sahaja Yogi children one can be thoroughly assured that the world of tomorrow is in safe hands.”

 (VIDEO) July 1st COOL KIDS – Children Yoga Seminar  


(Photo Album – June 1 – COOL KIDS & Parents) 

leaders of tomorrow

We hope we all agree that the leaders of tomorrow better be from among those that meditate and stay connected through a great form of wellness practice. What about sahaja yoga meditation?! Enjoy some other articles that show how children, students, parents, teachers, young adults – they enjoy to feel their connection through the cool breeze of Kundalini awakening.

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  1. Kruti

    The experience was amazing. We all had so much fun, learnt so much and looking forward to the next one. Thank you for organizing it.

  2. letitia

    Cum am deschis am fost invadata de vibratii f.puternice.Frumos cantecul si dansul.

  3. Helen

    This was sheer joy to watch. So very special!

    Special energy and togetherness.

  4. Paskuts Julia

    so joyful, can you wright more how it is work in your country

  5. Vishal Tanwar

    This is the true work of every sahajayogi….

  6. Vishal Tanwar

    This is the true work of every sahajayogi….
    Relly great…..

  7. paula

    So touching and sweet…so many special moments with children completely engaged in song, meditating, smiling…and Kruti’s son at one point got Lotuses placed on both palms and his head, and I was so moved how “in the moment” he was, so innocent and sweet. So proud of the teenage and university students and young at heart meditators who helped the children to feel the cool breeze and wonderful vibrations. I loved every second of the video. I can totally see how young people, if nurtured with a little Sahaja Yoga knowledge, can live balanced lives and be very joyous and dynamic. This news should spread world wide…the innocence is here to stay and protect every child, young person and adult…this essence purifies our perspective and when we strengthen these roots, world peace is achieveable by first establishing inner peace en masse. Great work! Great songs! Way to go!

  8. Chandra

    It is all so beautiful, those who work with children are blessed.

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