(photos/story) Students & Parents Meditate in Campbellville! Sahaja Yoga Meditation INVITED @ Brookville’s 1st Health and Wellness Night

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We were invited to this event via Shulin – gr 11 student that comes to our Life De-stress classes for Youth in Halton region. As we are volunteering our time and we offer very often such meditation sessions in Halton/Niagara/Hamilton region, only 3 of us could participate this time in our “inner peace workshop team”: Sam, Kathleen and Ioana (all rushing from work/office). We were definitely rewarded meeting such sweet and wise children, parents and young adults interested in meditation as well a very welcoming host party and a refreshing sightseeing on our way back home. Thank you!

Samantha about 1st Health and Wellness Night in Campbellville

Welcoming door at Campbellville
The wellness night event on Thursday June 5th, 2014 at Brookville Public School went very well, in the beginning we were unsure of how many people would be coming to the meditation, as there was another type of yoga happening in the other room at the same time as ours, however a good group came and it spontaneously turned from one session into two! The first group had many young children who all enjoyed the meditation and felt tingling and coolness, and one man who had heard of Sahaja Yoga in the past.
The second group consisted of a few older teenagers and one young girl (around 10 perhaps?) who came back from the first group, bringing a friend and telling her “You should try it, it’s a lot of fun!” She was very attentive and incredibly smart, it was great to see such interest from someone so young. 
Meditation with Sam
 The vibrations in the school were very cool and everyone was very kind; we had a few genuinely interested, which is always amazing to see. The drive back was equally enjoyable, as the nature around the area is beautiful, especially in the evening with the sun setting. It was a great day all around and I hope we are able to go back again someday!

Kathleen about Campbellville’s Inner Peace

Sam and Kathleen

“It was my first time in Campbellville,  Milton.  The drive going there was breathtaking.  We saw lots of farms, gardens, lovely horses and tall trees.  The town itself has streets and buildings with Native names and is very close to Crawford Lake.  I had a wonderful feeling of being close to Mother Nature.  When we arrived at the Brookville Public School, the event coordinator gave us the Music Room to hold our Sahaja Yoga meditation.  I said to myself “what a coincidence, so Sahaj”  but i know it wasn’t just a coincidence because the Divine always sets us up with an atmosphere conducive for good vibrations.  Sam led the meditation so beautifully the vibrations were cool. 

Meditation class-1

 We had two meditation sessions and the girls who came were very sweet.  One of them who came during the first session came back for the second session and brought another friend with her. They asked questions about the mapping of the subtle system in our hands.  The trip back to Burlington was again like a treat, I enjoyed taking in the exhilarating view of nature and the great feeling of being connected to Mother Earth.

Crawford Lake- Memories- YoannIsabelle-Anjali-Edda-Ioana

(VIDEO) The Sheen – Legends of the Light & Wisdom: “To be or not to be in Meditation”  (CASUAL CELTIC MUSIC)

(Photos) Children LOVE to MEDITATE @ Halton Eco Festival 

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  1. anjali

    Health and wellness seminars are now a days becoming so popular but most importantly it is an area that we need to bring our attention to with the growing cases or illnesses and stress. These seminars or info sessions are a very good platform where we can talk about Sahaja yoga and its importance and value to those who really seek for a better health and better world. Great job Shulin and small yet not so small team. It’s so sweet to read the experiences from sam and kathleen as it make me feel like I was there and I can experience the joy on my own little way. Thank you dear ioana for such good news uplifting stories…it’s good to hear about Sahaj progress especially after hearing about the world crisis.

  2. Hema

    wonderful Sahaja Yoga, wonderfully spread!!!

  3. Colleen Burgess

    It’s so wonderful to see Sahaja Yoga Meditation in the schools. This will bring so much peace into the world. The scenery is so beautiful in this area as well, amazing.

  4. Shivangi

    Giving Sahaja Yoga to students and children means a stress free worry free future for human kind 🙂

    Keep spreading Pure joy and pure love as Shree Mataji

  5. paula

    What a wonderful alternative to the negative influences that make youth and adults doubt their oneness and connection with all peoples and this earth. It is that illusion that we are “separate” that is the cause of our unhappiness. It is a theme that media preys on to create dramatic tension and boost ratings.

    I was quite shocked when I walked into a local retail “youth” store to poster about free meditation classes for youth this year and discovered that they sold not only comics and rock paraphernalia but drug accessories. Is this the future? It is simply a dead end…

    Being pro-active means and showing youth and adults how to gain those wonderful powers and regain the connection to this earth, to regain the feeling that every person can know their purpose in life, can be the positive leaders of tomorrow, can stand up for what is
    truth because one gains that extra gift through sahaja yoga. You gain the ability to actually feel what is true through a cool flow of sensations that has been described in ancient traditions and is blossoming world-wide.

    Any business organization and youth group can enjoy the benefits of connecting with their higher selves. Improved mental and physical health is a natural by product of sahaj yoga meditation. Reduction of stress and surprisingly, for me, was the ability to absorb joy in way that has changed my perspective forever.

    Sahaja Yoga’s founder, Shri Mataji, has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace prize and received many other accolades. It is always an honor to accept invitations to conduct free meditation sessions and seminars everywhere in our communities…always for free. It is always amazing to see others delight in feeling the truth in experimental way. It always makes people smile so wide…and I always smile back with recognition and say “it gets even better!”

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