Mythological Fire Creatures (Angels, White Horse, Lightning) in ‘Havana’ Meditation (with fire element)


Shri Mataji: “First we will do the Havana .. Because by that we will evoke the fire element which burns away all the evils.” (1)

Angels seen in the Havana during New Year Meditation Seminar

Angels- Havan India 2015
Angels in the Havan Fire – on January 7, 2015 in India (sahaja yoga meditation – youth seminar)

Shri Ganesha (elephant headed child symbol of Innocence)  seen in the Havan fire


 Shri Mataji: “The essence of fire is the glow, all that is wrong, all that is evil is burnt off and then the glow shows on the faces and on the bodies of the seekers.”

Canajoharie havan-Shr Adi Shakti Puja
Shri Mataji: “And also the atmosphere is charged with the beautiful vibrations when you have the havana.” (2)
Yoga Havan Sicily -Italy -Navaratri Haban-Oct 24-2014

The White Horse in the Fire (mythology)

Shri Kalki - the White Horse (good omen for change and resurrection) observed in the fire during the Meditation with Havana on New year's Eve (31.12.2014) in Jodhpur, India

Shri Kalki – the White Horse (good omen for change and resurrection; one can go further deeper into its symbolism) observed in the fire during the Meditation with Havana on New year’s Eve (31.12.2014) in Jodhpur, India. We all enjoy the stories next to a bonfire; did you ever try to meditate in silence next to a fire?! This is what yogis and meditators do at special seminars where the positive energy during powerful global meditations is enlightening the environment, all natural elements participate in the magic of those memorable events.

The quotes above (1,2) : Shri Mataji –  “Importance on Havana” (lecture in Paris, France on  June 18 , 1983) talking about the role of using natural elements in meditations and chakra workshops)

(click!) Photos & Impressions from Mother’s Day Weekend in USANorth-American Yoga Meditation “Crown Chakra”  Seminar

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  1. Kruti

    These images are just incredible. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. paula

    Just beautiful. It confirms for me that we are protected, and if you are still enough, you can see and feel it. I have some stories I would like to share in class. Meditation is the method by which we achieve inner peace…many of us have felt that quiet around a roaring campfire. And if more and more of us can enjoy that silence within, the world would be a more peaceful place. The images captured are incredible. I can feel them leap off the page.

  3. Hema

    wow! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jayesh Pandya

    Thanks for Sharing!!

  5. Latifa

    Extraordinary ! ….I wish I had been there.

    Thanks very much for sharing

  6. Colleen

    Incredible pictures!!

  7. Constantine

    Thank you for sharing this miracles!

  8. James Murdock

    Wow! Wonderful thank you for sharing.

  9. Mohinder Sidana

    thanks for sharing this knowledge

  10. chandra sekhar

    Beautiful play of the Divine.
    We are blessed indeed!

  11. Helen

    Beautiful vibrations. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Anjali

    Another example of the beauty of the fire element. We have seen pictures of how the different elements make forms. For example how the clouds have shown Shri Ganesha and other principles, how the niagara falls have shown faces in the falls itself, how mother earth has shown Shri Ganesha as well (swayambhu – self manifested by mother earth).and here we see images through the fire element. All these elements are lively and they speak to us…we can be one with them in our awareness and use them for our purification and evolution. Thank you for these miracle pictures.

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