Mother’s Ark — “Yogis Got Talent” Show — (video-subtitles for Meditation & Evolution Explanation)

 WATCH THE VIDEO-PLAY “MOTHER’S ARK (our Easter Present – Subtle Connections)


Gratiela from Burlington - playing Shri Raja Lakshmi Principle

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Shri Ganesha - Shulin

Shri Ganesha - Burlington ashram

Shri Ganesha at Mother's Ark play


After the play - the actors



Play created by Halton Yogis with the contribution of brothers and yogis and children from all around Ontario. The idea was born spontaneously while driving home from work maybe one week after we Easter-Bunnyreceived the invitation to participation to the contest-fund raising event: “Yogis Got Talent” Show. The boat was created mostly at Burlington Class (everyone contributed but it was Nitin’s ‘construction’); the statue of Shri Ganesha (the principle of Innocence that is the basis of creation) was created from clay by yogis from Halton area (many helped but the final shape of the statue was given by Shulin from Burlington with the help/decoration provided by Floriana from Oakville); the “script” is entirely made of excerpts from Shri Mataji’s talks. The vision was that Shri Mataji is the director of the play, in this case even for the play of creation she is revealing to us the “know how” about each chakra’s creation and the fundamentals of each energy centre’s precise role within our being. It is a journey explored within our own subtle (micro)cosmos, as well in parallel with the evolution/creation at the macro/universal level. Ultimately the spiritual evolution realizes an Ark from our subtle system – the Mother’s Ark (= the Ark of Mother Kundalini that takes us to a new era of r/evolutionary hope of enlightenment and transformation and becoming for the human race). For us as a collective and sahaja yoga family it was an amazing and intense and holistic experience that happened in less than 2 weeks; we did not “rehearse” with the entire script not even once before the actual performance 🙂 Totally a Sahaj Experience and we had learned immensely from Shri Mataji as well from each other about ourselves, we expanded and found out treasures of creativity within our collective!! Samantha had a beautiful dream with Shri Mataji when were still at the beginning when everything seemed perfect for a “Mission Impossible” movie: Shri Mataji was in the audience, watching our play and she loved it and enjoyed it immensely and laughing out-loud. During our performance we felt that we are on Mother’s Ark actually – like Shri Mataji’s Ark – we felt her presence and blessings and love for humanity.

We are eternally grateful for this experience and for this amazing sahaja yoga family we are.

Mothers Ark Ontario Team

We can NOW all MEDITATE : open the vide0-subtitles belowfeel the vibrations.

** drop a comment, your impressions, what connections you’ve discovered

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  1. Jos Boven

    Wonderful ! While I was watchibg you and listening to your testimonials, I had tears in my eyes. I would like to be part of this family… Marvelous idea to give new people a crown…
    I was going to send you a sculpture of Shri Ganesha, our Deity of innocence and joy … but this site doesn’t want to accept it …

  2. shey

    thanks for the EASTER LESSON i really enjoy it
    God bless you all with more knowledge
    jai shey jonah

  3. Shivangi and Nehit

    Thank you for sharing the video and kudos to who coneptualized, organized , acted and put altogether beautifully. We need more such creativity and pure joyful experience. Jai Shri Mataji

  4. paula

    Coming together for such projects with realized souls was such a wonderful experience. I remember the vibrations as I watch these photos with great memories. It was such a collective effort with creativity and dedication flowing from so many members. The ganesha turned out so beautifully…binding us with eternal innocence as we became the instruments for a revolutionary ark into the next dimension.

  5. Kruti Gandhi

    I am so glad we have this MOTHER’S ARK play captured in a video clip. I remember being there and watching the whole play, but forgot most of it. The vibrations are so strong and all the participants have shown such diversity and oneness of Sahaja Yoga. Enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Colleen

    Oh I remember that whole process of bringing Mothers Ark play together, it was magnificent!!! The vibrations through the whole thing were incredible from start to finish. And the best part was, the first time we actually acted out the whole thing was that performance. And it went beautifully. Loved it!!

  7. Kyla

    I feel so much joy and love watching that video. So much joy and devotion captured and expressed, with everyone seamlessly flowing in and out of the scene and contributing, then receiving. I can’t believe how much you guys captured the essence of collectivity and sahajness. It was so cool! I’m proud to know so many of you and be a part of this.

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