Singing *FUN Family Photo @ Sahaj Diwali 2010 – CAN YOU FIND IT?!

Let’s find out WHiCH Photo is Singing and What ?! CLICK!



Halton Family Photo @ Sahaj Diwali 2010 & 5 years Anniversary of Sahaja Yoga Meditation -Halton (celebrated in Burlington with Yoann Freget -France and Nirananda band from Toronto)



Halton family celebrating its 5th Anniversary with a pre-Diwali special event within the GTA Sahaj Family

Halton sahaj family photo – in Burlington, when we had celebrated 5 years anniversary + Sahaj Diwali Special Event with Yoann Freget and Nirananda Band as Special Guests for Live Music

We had so much Pure Joy & Fun that evening!!! Let us know if this article brought you Joy as well 🙂

See below other Articles with VIDEOS & PHOTOS & EXPERIENCES from this super-joyous & rich event!!

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Pure Knowledge: Togetherness in  the Chakra System

VIDEO: Dancing All Together on Mahamaya Mahakali Bhajan with Nirananda Group & Yoann Freget

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  1. freget yoann

    we were all so happy… that s the power of Joy we all find in meditation state and let shine all around us,,, it s spontaneous,,, like the wind blowing at the top of the pines, the Wind of the Spirit is blowing above our heads… :-))

  2. louise

    Joyful memories of my time here! The spirit of the music raises my spirit! thank you for the always welcoming invitation. I always feel at home with family- as we are all family! love louise

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