Farewell 2014: New Year’s Eve Photos and (VIDEO-CLIP): RELAX, God is with You!

Light a Candle for Year 2014 and Meditate

Candle Meditation for New Year 2015

On the Eve of New Year, a group of sahaja yogis from Halton Classes had gathered together for a collective ‘last meditation in 2014’. After a short yet profound meditation we enjoyed a wonderful festive potluck dinner that was jammed with cool vibrations, felt by everyone present while we blessed the food in the ‘sahaj style’. The pure intentions and the spiritual love experienced during our 2 hrs congregation of meditators was palpable in our hearts as well in our chakras. Further into the evening of December 31st, 2014 we had connected with chanted mantras to the element of light-fire and we had meditated on the universal enlightening qualities of Jesus Christ -praying for Peace and Truth in the World as well for the Child Within to be protected in all humanity. The positive energy released during our “Inner Peace for World’s Peace in 2015” – New Year’s Eve seminar – was strong within our subtle energy centres as well around us.

2014-2015 New Year's Ever Potluck

We wish you a Happy New Year with a short yet powerful video that conveys a great message and advice for 2015 to anyone that is a true seeker. Enjoy!

(video-clip) Relax, God is with You, Vibrations will Flow

 See you soon on  Wednesday, January 7 in Burlington with “Cool Kids are Back!!”

Join us for an always wonderful Burlington Sahaja Yoga meditation Class
Join us for an always wonderful Burlington Sahaja Yoga meditation Class

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  1. Shulin

    Hahaha.. I laughed so hard watching this video and also laughed at my self 🙂 Shri Mataji points out the ‘point’ so profoundly and yet it is that simple! Now I can see myself being that stressed out person saying “now, I’m going to sit down and relax” hahaha… Amazing…

    1. Isabelle

      Yes. I too love this video and can relate to it very well. Too well. :O What a blessing and great comfort it is to have Shri Mataji say this.

  2. Shulin

    This talk is the turning point of my sahaj life… 🙂 the most important message that I have missed out all these years or simply wasn’t ready for. so happy 🙂

    1. Vivek Raghuram

      I completely understand how you feel. When I heard this the first time a year ago, the vibrations were just shooting from my laptop screen, especially when Shri Mataji said, “Relax! Take it easy!” After that I stopped unduly bothering about how to improve my vibrations and started focusing more on enjoying my meditation.

  3. Rose Hutchinson

    This speech is so wonderful. Thanks for letting us see it. As I try to get people to come to Sahaji I am disappointed many times because they don’t come back to the meditations. I should remember to relax and let Mother take care of them.

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