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Feedback and Photos: Feel the Love and Joy at RAIN# 2 Program “Honour the Cycle of Life”

We had an absolute blast of positive energy during the public program "Realize Awareness in Nation

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Letter from a Beginner Sahaja Yogini (Oakville Class): My Experience with Root Chakra Meditation

"Hello Ioana! You asked me to write down my Four Experiences with Mooladhara Meditation for you

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Join our Special Sahaj Valentine’s Day Event and Honour the Cycle of Life for Mother Earth on Sat, Feb 17 in Oakville (RAIN to Heal ME)

Join our 2nd "R.A.I.N. - Realize Awareness In Nations to Heal M.E -> Mother Earth" monthly Sa

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A Flute with Guided Meditation brought Inner Peace to the “Disable the Label” Youth Halton Conference on Mental Wellness 2017

"In these modern times, life is so full of struggle, speed. So, one has to realize how to ascend int

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The Bee and The Buzzz: Sahaja Yoga Meditation featured at 2017 Halton Eco-Festival as a “Phenomenal Organization” by the Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights

"First you have to make an effort to be balanced. Then you ascend. So one has to know t

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A Modern True Story about “The Enchanted Halton Forest” in Images and Experiences

Enjoy a True Story about "The Enchanted Halton Forest" In this enchanted Halton Forest people (be t

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