Celebrate Valentine’s Day Online with a Special Event in Spanish – ” Experience the Joy in your Heart that will Transform your Life”

Join or invite a friend to join us on Sunday, Feb 14 @ 10 AM – Toronto time.

Our hosts are: Sinuhe from Mexico and Aldo from Canada.

Videos will have EN subtitles and exquisite music will be shared for everyone’s enjoyment, yet the program will be in Spanish.

If you or your friends are not from Canada please make sure that you’re using the correct time zone.

The zoom meeting link to be used is: here.


Feel free to contact us at: [email protected] or call 905-901-5006.

Looking forward to offer you such special events every month and to have you among the participants!

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  1. Jolanta

    The online Valentine event in Spanish was so very special. I felt cool vibrations hearing Sinuhe, Aldo and other mostly Spanish speaking participants , (I don’t really speak Spanish), and that, in itself, was miraculous! Thank you Shri Mataji for enabling this truly genuine, pure and loving connection through the practice of Sahaja Yoga.

  2. Kruti

    First time in my life I attended a whole meditation in Spanish and what a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine day that was! Despite the language barrier, I felt like I was one with the language of All Pervading Power, the Chaitanya, the vibrations. My heart was just beaming with joy to hear brothers Sinuhe and Aldo explaining in Spanish and others joining them. Events like these are not only beneficial to the new seekers, but also to the ones practicing Sahaja Yoga for a while now. Thank you Shri Mataji and to the entire team for creating such a beautiful event. Looking forward to the many more.

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