Sinuhe – My experience with meditation and the transformation it started in my life

Sinuhe is sharing his experience with meditation and the transformation that occurred within by practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Romanian mountains — simple balance –photo by Canadian yogini from Burlington

That moment when you wake up and almost magically you feel relaxed and joyful, that is when you are aware that something has changed, something has happened inside of you.
Perhaps that is an unsurprising feeling when we are children -if so we can consider ourselves blessed- but over time it is really important and gratifying to feel peace and security in our Hearts.

Heart on the Burlington’s sky – Aug 2020

That’s the gift my Mother Kundalini awakening has given me.

As she (Kundalini) is our Mother energy, she gives us what she already knows what we need, and the first change within us, after the first time we meditate in Sahaja Yoga, is manifested in different ways. What may seem surprising to someone may be simple to someone else, and vice versa.

Mother Kundalini has made me aware that she has always been part of me.

Personally, at the beginning, the very perception of time was something that caught my attention. Radically, all worries about “have enough time” to do something disappeared, without having changed anything in my daily routine, expect for one thing: Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Halton Sahaja Yogis offered outdoors classes for Niagara Falls students

That was only the tip of the iceberg, the beginning of multiple miraculous changes that have been happening and from which I have been learning. It was, in fact, the first moment from which I began a journey of introspection, self-knowledge and challenges that I have had to face.

“Gruha Lakshmi” Burlington ashram (Aunty Carmela’s magical home)

But in a way that I never imagined, because now I can make it with the tools and powers that this innate Mother has put in my hands, such as security, peace, innocence. All of this, to feel and share that happiness in the heart. It is not only for me, actually it only makes sense when it becomes Collective, and that is truly encouraging.

Sinuhé Álvarez, Mexico

Shri Krishna little statue and shell from New Zealand — Burlington meditation altar

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Experience with meditation and the transformation at Burlington Class

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  1. Kavita

    Amazing testimonial. Felt so cool and full of love. Thank you! for Sharing. We grow and help grow.
    Inner peace and silence – a journey within.

  2. paula

    Sinuhe, It does not matter that you are in Mexico…you are with us, we are with you…higher than the clouds we all meet in the ether…we all share the same sky. Your story resonated within like a collective flowy feeling, as I read your words. I am sure your words will help others to discover how it feels when the life force is awakened from within. Something so special and difficult to describe.

  3. Aldo

    Thank you for sharing Sinuhé, I feel great vibrations from reading it.

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