Rania – My Complete Transformation (in Arabic too)

Rania with Sahaja Yogis from Halton Sahaja Yoga Class in 2011

Enjoy Rania’s Testimonial on her Complete Transformation (in Arabic too)

My experience with Sahaja Yoga meditation was a complete transformation for me.

I could feel right after my realization experience, real peace and this feeling of being discomforted and confused went away gradually.

My eyesight got better.

photo captured by Halton yogini during a recent visit to Romania

I felt like I am seeing the colors around me brighter.

After being afraid to talk in front of people, I could give a lecture to a huge audience with so much confidence.

I gained a lot of clarity of thought and discretion of what is good and what’s not.

I got connected to my self and ever since it has been a wonderful life. 

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Rania with her new sister yoginis she met in Halton region during her 1st visit in 2011

The meditation experience in Burlington and St. Catharines’ centers (Halton & Niagara regions in Canada) were amazing.

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Canada Day celebrated creatively ^ joyfully at Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class in 2011

Not only I was able to feel my Spirit and really be in deep peace but I did meet wonderful people.

It is a universal bond that binds us together no matter where we come from.

Rania – Cairo , Egypt

In Halton we celebrate our Sahaja Family members — always by surprise, collectively and creatively ; it’s never a “must” nor “regimented” but it always becomes a joyful and spiritual Collective experience ** just found this photo from Burlington Class 2011

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  1. Paula


    Thank you for sharing. It has been great to meditate with you a few times over the years. You are very deep, sincere, kind and a talented artist. Thank you for your visits to Canada and spreading vibrations to and from Cairo, Egypt.

  2. Nellie

    Lovely experience Rania. So deep…
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. NITI

    Thanks for sharing your pure holistic experience towards sahajyoga. You described this experience in a serene way.

  4. Isabelle

    I recall hearing Rania singing the Shri Ganesha Atharva Shirsham and having the desire to know it too. What a beautiful memory on the shores of Lake Huron.
    Hope that your desire that the town where ever you are currently living of having many yogis in your collective is fulfilled.

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