Easter is for Inner Peace: (video) The Italian Parliament experiences Sahaja Yoga Meditation!

Shri Mataji (the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation):

“True and lasting solution to present ills can be found 
only by inner, collective transformation of human beings.“

International “Sahaj” Easter News:

What better message is to be sent on Easter weekend, other than the International news about Inner Peace experienced by thousands of children, teachers as well by politicians via Sahaja Yoga Meditation technique?! Actually “as we speak” there are hundreds of schools in France and in Romania that bring in their communities during the “Easter week” the Inner Peace workshops with sahaja yogis volunteers. Music and dance performances, as well other cultural activities are included, as we can see in this TV broadcast (from the Italian Parliament :-))


In the last 10 days, about 250 European Yogis had gathered in Paris to guide students from 87 schools (430 classes) to achieve the state of inner peace through meditation. In the same period of time about 5,000 Romanian students have been offered Inner Peace workshops by volunteer sahaja yogis instructors. What a joy!

A “sahaj Easter” basket is awaiting for you to explore it:

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  1. Mohinder Sidana

    It should happen in all parliaments around world
    Vibrations from a video are cool

  2. Helen


    What a wonderful experience, such joy!

  3. Kruti

    What a beautiful news to receive on Easter Sunday! Amazing work done by yogis in Europe and Romania to bring the inner peace in hundreds of schools. The children seemed to really enjoy the meditation too along with the school staffs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anjali

    It is so hopegiving to learn this news. Especially when we hear about all the horrible things going on in the world this kind of news is like a breath of fresh air filled with assurance. More and more pure desires and noble actions of enlightened peaceful beings can certailnly transform this world very quickly. Thank you to all the efforts of shaja yogis around the world.

  5. Ryan

    I find sahaja yoga very beneficial. Little by little it is changing my life for the greater good thanks everyone for peacefulness,joy and love.

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