Speech, Youth Meditation, Music and Sisterhood @ Sufi Adam’s Day 2016 (+VIDEOS)

O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and
made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other. Verily the most
honored of you in the sight of God is the most righteous of you. And God has
full knowledge and is well acquainted.” QURAN (49:13)
— quote provided by the hosting  party in their invitation to Adam’s Day 2016
Sahaja Yogis (from youth team too!) with Sufi Azeemi family — Greatly honored for our shared togetherness for Unity in Diversity – let’s pass it on to our next generations! Every year it is such a pleasure to be part of this truly special in our community. As we do every year, we collect feedback from the newly participants as well provide photos and videos from the event.

Beverley’s Feedback

 The event was wonderful. There was a sense of warmth and peace that filled the room. Rashida showed much humility and grace as she was publicly honored by counselors and MP. She has achieved so much success  in her community as a Pakistani woman that is sensational. I was very impressed with the first speaker’s presentation who made the scientific link with Adam human descendant and our connection with each other.

 My daughter Gweniece was moved and touched by Khawja Shemsuddin Azeemi video message. She said he portrayed enormous respect and appreciation to his listening audience and as such she felt naturally included and embraced his message.

Sisterhood Photo expresses Canada’s Unity in Diversity 

Shulin, Ioana, Rashida, Beverley, Gweniece and Sadaf —  a true picture of the Happy Diversity reflected in our beloved Canada! On Adam’s Day these 6 Eves are thriving and celebrating the peace and unity in Canada where they found their new and true home! True Sisterhood of Yoginis and Sufis :-). Kudos to the hosting team’s greatly successful efforts for organizing another wonderful event with speakers from various religions, communities and political parties, soothing flute Sufi music performamce and  yummy food.

(watch + join) Yogini’s Speech and Youth Leader’s “Peace on Earth ” Meditation

(watch + enjoy) Sahaja Yogi Music Band “Sufi” at UMMID Festival

Indeed as sahaja yogis we express universal love and experience the universal family feeling — for Real. 🙂 

Paula and Latha cannot contain their pure sisterly love after a beautiful sahaja yoga meditation class in Burlington. A ‘good’ meditation opens one’s heart and mind and clears one’s attention.

Unity in Diversity – Also in Faiths and Beliefs

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