WE are “Featured Exhibitor” @ 15th Annual Halton Eco-Festival (Persian Music + Wellness Workshop)

featurde 15 eco festival
Sahaja Yoga featured Exhibitor


Musicians that practice Sahaja Yoga meditation visiting from Alberta for the weekend are invited for a live performance of Persian Classical music at this festival!

Tahere Dejahang and Hamid Heidari are married in life as well in music. Young artists skillful in interpreting vibrant melodies based on Sufi poetry while playing the Tar, the Setar and the Tonbak in the style of Persian classical music; a rarity these days. Besides music,Tahere and Hamid share together another passion: sahaja yoga meditation. The talented couple is invited often to perform to international yoga and cultural seminars. However it is their first time visiting Toronto.

Right after this music recital there is featured the sahaja yoga meditation group (sometime between 12 pm and 1 pm), that will be introducing the public to a guided meditation based on ‘self-realization experiment’, followed by a “one-on-one” wellness workshop centered on the awakening of Kundalini energy – the source of all energies, being the reflection within of Mother Earth’s life force.

Of course, everyone is most welcome to visit our booth that is present the entire day at the festival; one will find out more information about our classes and events, plus, one can ask and receive a personalized chakra workshop on the spot! Our volunteer instructors are both knowledgeable and friendly; they are good listeners too 🙂 Don’t miss this opportunity! See how even children LOVE to try sahaja yoga meditation!

(click! Photos) Children LOVE to MEDITATE @ Halton Eco Festival in Oakville


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