“Today world needs only Peace” – Oakville’s FREE Public Yoga-Meditation-Creativity Program on Friday, November 21

Today world needs only Peace. 
Everything else that we have today is worthless without peace. 
We have to see how peaceful we are..
Have you not found peace in Sahaja Yoga?
Basically we are people who believe in peace, because without peace no growth can take place. There has to be complete peace.
If there is peace in your heart, if there is peace surrounding you, you grow into a beautiful nation. Not out of fear, not out of pressure, but from inside, if you are person who has complete peace within the heart, not that he is not afraid of anything, but he emits peace.
He gives peace. Anybody who goes near such a person, gets the peace, the feeling of peacefulness.
You all are Sahaja Yogis. You all have got your Realization. That is, your spirit is now emitting vibrations of peace and joy. Wherever you are, you will emit peaceful vibrations.
You will create peace. You’ll find out ways of creating peace, how to establish peaceful atmosphere. It’s very important that we have to grow in such a manner that we create peace and give peace to others and become examples of it.
Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation
Shri Mataji
                      Join us to the
Oakville Class on Friday, November 21- “Celebrate Our Inner Peace”
Special Public Program (1 hr) @ Glen Abbey recreation centre (7pm-8pm)
                      “Cool Kids” are welcome as we have Kathleen that will teach us some exercises  for our inner child and for the children that will participate to our class.
Dress cozy  and do not wear your ‘best clothes’. 🙂      See you there!
Peace- Inner

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  1. Francoise Depelteau

    Congratulations! Amazing development for Sahaja Yoga in Ontario,
    and here in Quebec, we support you in our hearts.
    May Shri Mataji bless all the yogis of Canada and the world.

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