(#1) R.A.I.N. with SunShine Tour: The Voice of France is Singing @ RoundHouse (R.A.I.N. TO HEAL M.E. -> Mother Earth)

Aanii and Namaste to New Credit Community!! Glad to return Back to its most welcoming Round House. Our team of volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation is ready to learn, share and grow. Time to roll the Native Indian Drums! 

Reserve with Yoann

It is truly special that the First Program of the “R.A.I.N. with SunShine” Tour happens in a traditional home reserved for teachings of the First Nations.


The format of this program is ‘Mother Earth’s Family’ oriented: sharing awareness and millennial old spiritual teachings, learning and experiencing a sense of self-Realization; as well sharing a wonderful potluck :-). Both Yoann FreeJay and our team of volunteers are eager to absorb the knowledge shared by Nancy Rowe.

Miigwetch to a Sister from Mother Earth — Nancy (Rowe)  Giidaakunadaad (The Spirit Who Lives in High Places)  for sharing “Mother Earth’s teachings” ;  We will take further the tour to the heart of Halton on Thursday! Everyone is invited!

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  1. Sandra

    WE can’t wait to hear Yoann, and experience the magic he spreads performing.

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