(Free Event!) “Experience India” comes to Downtown Oakville @ iGita Yoga Studio on THIS Saturday, AUGUST 13!

Important: only those that have contacted us (by email at [email protected] or calling the studio and inquiring for remaining spots at 905-338-9642) and that had secured a place first will be able to attend this event; Tip: one has to be able to sit on the floor during the event; there are no chairs available – it is a (very beautiful!) yoga studio – so one has to bring his own mat /folded chair; there will be other “core Indian” features to this beautiful event that is part of the “Experience India” series. We have entered already in a 3 years tradition with this series – launched by Sahaja Yoga Meditation – that actually started in downtown Oakville (Kerr Street!). So here we are, back to its origins!

Call NOW, Reserve a place, Come & Enjoy!

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