Celebrate and Meditate @ Celebrate Barrie Festival on Saturday June 1 in Centennial Park

When: Saturday, June 1, 2019

Where: Centennial Park at Booth#32 @ Celebrate Barrie Festival

Enjoy few photos from  the previous years when we participated to this wonderful Festival in Barrie!!

There will be Sahaja Yogis instructors coming from Halton and from other parts of the GTA

We will have also an impromptu Seminar by the Lake for the Beginners from our Classes.

 We enjoy preparing for our gardens – right there!!

We take time to Celebrate our “MAY” Yogi Brothers ..

 Celebrate just being together and learning from each other in sisterhood  ..

 .. or brotherhood ..

  Meditate, Clear our Chakras, Make new friends and Connect to Mother Nature’s Elements

See you THERE — Great Seekers of Barrie, Namaste!

Dedication to BARRIE: A Celebration of The International Yoga Day in BARRIE with FREE DANCE PROGRAM & MEDITATION & MORE — Saturday, June 11

Hema at Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Burlington -10 years Celebration


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