Why Stay in the Present & Advice for Spiritual Ascent, Wounds and Weaknesses

Know our Wounds and Repair them


‘..we have to repair all the time all our wounds which we have caught ourselves by our foolishness, by our lust,  by our greed and by so many false identifications we carry with ourselves.

…If we know what our weaknesses are, it’s better; we can really swim  across better. Supposing on a ship there is a hole and the water is coming in  through that hole the attention of all the crew, of all t he staff and the captain himself will be on that hole from where the water is coming in and nowhere else. In the same way you must be on the watch out.

There are so many pitfalls for a Sahaja Yogi I have seen. Of course even the Past is over, the Past can be overcome. In the Present also they have many shadows of the past working. For example, when you are sitting in a group you are involved with each other, those who are involved with each other by any relationship whatsoever must know that this kind of involvement is not going to help them, to attain their individual ascent.

Everybody is ascending individually though you are collectively contacted with each other and in communication, but the ascendance is individual, absolutely individual.

So whether is your son, brother, sister, your wife, your friend.. you must remember that you are not responsible for their ascendance.

You cannot help them for their ascent. Only Mother(Kundalini)’s grace and their own desire (can help);

Their own effort to give up all that is 3 dimensional will help them. So whenever a thought comes like that you must know that you have not attained the Thoughtless Awareness in its full extent and that’s how you have problems which are 3 dimensional.

Sometimes a Sahaja Yogi will find an emotional thought .. will come into his mind. It may be an emotion of dejection or frustration and he will be disgusted with himself or with others. Both things are just the same. I have seen, some Sahaja Yogis get very disgusted with others; there should be no disgust that is lasting.

Of course for a short time you might feel disgust it’s alright, past feeling or you might feel disgusted with yourself may be past feeling.

But if you go on hankering on to it or if you go on clinging to it that means you are conditioning yourself.

That means you are not in thoughtless awareness that means that you are in your past, making your past a solid mass on your head.

In the Present everything is free, everything is free to that is not eternal. In the Present the Eternal stays, the rest all drops out.

It’s like a moving River that does not stop anywhere but the moving river is eternal, rest of the things is all changing.

If you are on the eternal principle, all that is not eternal changes and drops out, dissolves and becomes non-existent.

We have to understand our own dignity, our own essence.’

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation


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  1. adrian

    “If we know what our weaknesses are it is better”… but that is the key isn’t it… to know those weaknesses… to not be blind to them.

    For me the most difficult things are those conditionings from the past that serve as “triggers” that can lead to a backward step. But I think that too is OK… because it can serve as a valuable reminder… to reinforce what we don’t want to experience again. The key is to let it go… and in that, it is so valuable to be able to talk to others in a non judgmental way to serve as mirrors for ourselves.

    I sometimes find myself saying… “why am I choosing to experience that?”… in reference to say something as simple as a sore stomach, from overeating… so the question is… “why am I choosing to experience this?”… because I realize that I create everything that I experience… I realize that I have to take responsibility for what I have chosen to experience… in this case “overeating”… perhaps I am compensating for something I haven’t taken care off, perhaps I am angry with something or someone!!!

    If I go within I know that I will find the answer and or in combination with others who wish to share in a similar story. It is always about coming to an “awareness or realization”. For me everything happens for a reason… there are “no coincidences”.

  2. adrian

    “their own effort to give up all that is three dimensional will help them”… in their ascendance.

    This particular part of the quote is difficult for me to understand completely. Firstly, we are here to experience our own unique individual self… And being that we are in the third dimension, it would seem that we should be attempting to integrate that part of ourselves with the other part, that is the spiritual and more real part of ourselves.

    But to make efforts to completely eliminate “the all” of that third dimensional part seems to be a paradox! Perhaps I am misinterpreting the reading.

    The intent at any moment whether we are choosing to experience part of our past, present or future is part of the reason why we have come to the third dimensional part of ourselves… otherwise there would be no reason for us to be here. We could simply remain in the spirit world. The point is to experience what we need to experience so that we can remember who we are… who we really are… that is pure spirit. And part of that experience is to experience “uncertainty”… for that is where the real growth occurs back into our spiritual selves. And this is where we have the opportunity to experience the emotional part of ourselves, yet in a spiritually directed manner… which makes it more so consciously driven… and that is how it is more human, than normal humanness.

    It would be interesting to hear what others think.

    1. Vikas

      “This particular part of the quote is difficult for me to understand completely. Firstly, we are here to experience our own unique individual self… And being that we are in the third dimension”

      Please correct ,being that we are in the fourth dimension

  3. ashok kumar misra

    Past is dead, future is unknown….why grope in the dark?
    be in present and enjoy life thru sahaja yoga

    1. adrian

      It is all about creating your own experience… through the choices of responsible conscious free will…

  4. paula erskine

    Before Sahaja yoga I remember this thing that used to happen to me. Every time I would get judgemental, boom, shortly afterward something would happen in my life that would humble me right down again. It happened over and over. I started to contemplate the futility of judgement of others because it seemed to backfire on me indirectly. The things that happened were not positive, in fact, but it almost seemed to be a low point that brought me back to basics like a yo-yo effect. What right did I have to judge others? Who did I think I am? Only God can judge. And my personality would adjust back down off my high horse.

    Then I discovered Sahaja Yoga. I am trying to be less judgemental, that is my goal. I am still judging myself, but trying to release the guilt of it. And I realize the responsibility that comes with being my own guru. It is to be aware and try to use “enlightened restraint” when I feel that judgement coming up in me.
    Learning to forgive has been the greatest gift and challenge; forgiving, and letting go of guilt and unnecessary dramas creating by my thinking (ego-driven) brain. It literally hurts me to not forgive! It is sometimes the hardest thing to let go of the “I-ness”. But it is the easiest thing. As Shri Mataji says, “Now forward on…” that is powerful.

    1. adrian

      About your comment… “I am trying to be less judgmental”… that’s great. Yet you can take it one step further by putting yourself into the PRESENT by saying… “I am not judgmental”… it is an action statement that allows you to create what you want to experience.

      1. adrian

        I wanted to add… It is like saying… “I am the pure desire”, or “I am the pure spirit”. Simply to remove the word “trying”

  5. Claudia

    Reading the part in this posting of the present allowing us to feel free, really spoke to me.

  6. Debbie

    We are sometimes too busy pointing fingers at everyone else without taking a good look at ourselves in the mirror. We are responsible for our actions. We cannot change the past, the future is unknown so the most sensible thing to do is be in the present and work on being a better person.

    Lots of love always.

    1. adrian

      So true Debbie… always “BE” from within, then the only person you can point a finger at is yourself… to remind yourself, that only “YOU” can take responsibility for those things you want to create and experience.

  7. Elsie

    Shri Mataji says we have to understand our own dignity, our own essence. Through meditation this hopefully is the way, when we learn to know ourselves.

  8. Isabelle

    This is so in tune with being your own guru.

  9. Anjali

    Short but loaded with depth this article has so much- repairing yourself, attachment to relations, identification with the past, individual ascent, dissolving the 3 dimensions to attain something eternal…I think i read this 3 times already – I get the concept for sure but I feel like I need to read again and again – may be after a deep meditation I could absorb it fully. Although this already brought my attention in sahasara and it feel cool as I write this 🙂

  10. Jolanta

    Anyone who is truly interested in growing spiritually through the practice of Sahaja Yoga should should read this very helpful advice from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder.

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