Dedication to BARRIE: A Celebration of The International Yoga Day in BARRIE with FREE DANCE PROGRAM & MEDITATION & MORE — Saturday, June 11


Everyone is Invited to this great program generously hosted by Wholeness Wellness Centre, located downtown Barrie and offered by the volunteers from Barrie – Sahaja Yoga Meditation team. This special event is dedicated to Yoga Day so we have a very special guest, a teacher and performing artist  of Classical Indian Dance, Hema Kukreja that will choreograph her performance for this program to be tuned to the theme of the day!

Hema at Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Burlington -10 years Celebration

Address is 59 Maple Ave Barrie.
Wholeness Wellness Centre down town Barrie.
Free Parking is at the back of the building in the Wholeness Wellness Parking Lot.
Program is June 11th at 12 to 3pm
In the Gymnasium.
We have the gym for Yogis to set up from 10-5pm.

In the same location, every Tuesday between 7PM and 8:30PM there are offered free sahaja yoga meditation classes!

Feedback April 2015

We created a beautiful spiritual family and we bring the qualities of inner peace, balance,  self-realization and wholeness to the vibrant Barrie community through special public programs, seminars and workshops offered both indoors and outdoors. Ask Yolanda and Holly for guidance when you step in CWC. This encounter might bring more sustainable sunshine in your life!!

YMCA Youth Quest program - Barrie Muskoka - March 2015

We know that EVERYONE can enjoy the state of YOGA with spontaneous (sahaja) meditation techniques!

Igor Celebrate Barrie

John and Isabelle offering chakra workshops at Celebrate Barrie June 1st Festival 2014

Shulin in Barrie

Celebrate barrie Jona and Isabelle workshop

Celebarate barrie 1

Olga meditation celebrate barrie

It’s time to celebrate International Yoga Day, Together, in Barrie! Join our family of volunteers!

Mirandas and Birthdays - Barrie Seminar

(WATCH) Melanie’s Video Testimonial: Dealing with Depression and Anxiety Sahaja Yoga Meditation Makes a Difference

Melanies Gift for Barrie Class
Painting by Melanie – An inspired  gift of gratefulness offered to Barrie Sahaja Yoga Class

Barrie Testimonials International Yoga Day

(click!) Yolanda’s Gratitude: “Your Classes have changed my life ” 

 (click!) Melanie’s “Forever Grateful”Testimonial 

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(click!) The Mayor of Oakville is Congratulating Sahaja Yoga Meditation Team 

Thank you Letter from Canada Revenue Agency

CRAThank you Letter for Barrie

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