Yogis receive Thank You Letter for Corporate Meditation “Inner Peace” Workshop

We continue with more Inner Peace workshops offered in our community in the month of May 🙂

Stay tuned for the following 2 big events:

  • Halton/Ontario sahaja yoga meditation seminar (both indoors and outdoors) in Niagara Falls on Saturday, May 27
  • A Special Free public program we are preparing for June, when our volunteers will be celebrated and our collaborators from communities across Ontario will be honored and “pampered”, of course, spiritually, with Meditation, Energy balancing, Music and …. Science!! Similar, yet different from this successful event captured below:

(VIDEOS/PHOTOS) “Bridging Science and Spirituality” Public Program 

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  1. Jos Boven

    The body is only a vessel in which the Spirit can rest for a while, disappear and come back in another shape.
    The body is an earthen pot, a kumbha, made of clay, fire, water, air, ether and light, a gift of Mother Earth to cover and protect the Spirit.
    If the body becomes a servant of the Spirit, the Divine Light will shine through all its pores and enlighten those who seek refuge in thàt Light.
    The body can lift us up or can pull us down; the body can be a friend or a ruthless enemy.
    The body will be a companion if it gets realised through the Bliss of our Divine Mother and it might carry us back to Her.


  2. paula

    Jos it is beautiful what you wrote…very comforting words and comments. Tremendous efforts and success of inner peace programs by sahaja yoga volunteer qualified instructors are changing the corporate and school curriculums in a profoundly, transformational way. A subtle, scientifically proven formula that transforms us to our best self, integrates us with the whole, and spreads peace within. The inner peace is like a ripple in a lake, flowing exponentially, uniting all mankind at the level of our hearts, connecting us to infinite possibilities for mass scale peace, joy and evolution of self.

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