Relevant Interview with Ms. Newton (the School’s Principal)

Watch the VIDEO Interview and Testimonial on Sahaja Yoga Meditation “Inner Peace” Workshop 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this very special and candid “student- teacher” dialogue that resulted in such a great feedback for our initiatives dedicated to the schools in our Halton community.

We were impressed by this truly remarkable interview with Ms. Newton (the School’s Principal at that time for Dr. Frank Hayden Public School in Burlington, Halton region, Ontario province of Canada). Shulin was a very active student in that school and part of our series of “Inner Peace Workshops with Sahaja Yoga Meditation offered to Students and Teachers” was to collect genuine feedback from various participants. It was very gracious of Ms. Newton to accept this interview.

Make sure you’ve not missed watching it until the very end – it is relevant for today’s mental health reality!

More FEEDBACK on Halton‘s Sahaja Yoga Meditation Workshops

Thank you to Sahaja Yoga meditation - Hayden Multicultural Week video

(video) The Wisdom from Youth Program (TEENS’ LIVE TESTIMONIALS)

(VIDEO)Inner Peace with Sahaja Yoga Meditation” @ School’s “Multicultural Week” 

Thank you Letter from Staff and Students of Hayden Highschool
Thank you Letter from Hayden School from Staff - 2014

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We thank everyone who is inviting our mobile ‘inner peace workshops for youth’ teams — we are glad that the benefits of free/sahaja yoga meditation are rapidly noticed and always enjoyed; we are looking forward to an exciting new year in 2016; we already had received many invitation from youth/kids networks, as well from hospitals and various organizations as well from schools; plus we are totally creative and you’ll see us soon announcing our mega green project for 2016; A big thank you to Shulin from ‘Life De-Stress program for Youth’ for the great videos!! to our readers: drop a comment if you feel 🙂

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  1. Jayanthi

    Great interview Shulin.

  2. Peter

    It’s always nice to hear that Sahaja Yoga is making a difference. Especially for young people. Great job bringing it to school Shulin.

  3. Jon

    Bravo Shulin! You have a great talent for interviewing. But it is completely amazing what Ms. Newton is saying about the progressive philosophy of the Frank J. Hayden School and how they apply it by allowing the students to take leadership roles. This is so important for the youth of our times, to be empowered and to have vision and connection in our communities.

    It is amazing that the staff and students of Hayden connected so nicely with Sahaja Yoga meditation, and it is amazing that Ms. Newton felt it so clearly! I love what she says about Shulin, its all true. Haha.

  4. Helen

    This is a fabulous interview! The questions are poised and the answers are direct. I enjoyed very much to learn about the community at the Frank J. Hayden School with its’ emphasis on Inner Peace.

  5. Antoinette Wells

    Wonderful testimonials! So encouraging and heartwarming!

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