Yogi Knights VIDEO (15 min of COOL GREAT ENLIGHTENED FUN!) & Mahamaya’s FILM!

A short (15 mins) film titled ‘Yogi Knights‘ following the theme that Sahaja Yogis could be also the nowadays  Jedi Knights 🙂  using their subtle powers to battle the negative forces and spread love and peace. In this film you will see real peoples’ experiences after experiencing sahaja yoga meditation during the street workshops that were organized by the UK sahaja yogis in Manchester during the Commonwealth Games, and Easter tour in 2003. Of course, some experiences of awakening the Kundalini energy (what we call Self-realization!)  during these ad-hoc chakra workshops ..  were quite strong and were shared very frankly and genuinely by people of all ages (including kids!). Enjoy the movie  in 2 parts! Keep your hands Open towards the screen to Feel this movie’s Energy! And you’ll have a Surprise Photo & Quote connecting Sahaja Yoga to a MOVIE ..towards the end of this article.. so after this movie .. read & watch for more ..



We’ve enjoyed this movie at our Halton Classes & events in the past few years and everybody wanted “more” of it.  So, finally we have it posted, and yes you can pass it on!  (use this link-article for convenience). Fyi, we’ve put some pressure on the creator of this movie, Paul Goundry – fellow yogi (knight!) from UK to craft more such movies for us! Also kudos go to Maxim from Canada who uploaded the movie for us to enjoy anytime we want! (the music part  towards the end of the movie is by fellow yogis who are accomplished musicians in USA). ** just tried to provide an FAQ here 🙂

Latest news: Paul is working on uploading the entire movie somewhere.. so those who are conducting sahaja yoga meditation classes can download it and use it for their meditation groups .. so we’ll keep everyone posted.. Thank you all for your feedback!

Local – Halton – News & Tip of the Day

We are starting Sahaj Guru Game – Phase#2 in Halton and some of  us  have embarked on a journey with “Mahamaya” .. here there is a Tip-connection .. a great quote:

Shri Mataji – interviewed by  Australian national news (TV station  7 ) in Brisbane, 1987, 5th of May)

Just enjoy that you are in that maya (Sanskrit for illusion) and you are enjoying it. It’s the best way to enjoy this Mahamaya…I thought something unique must be done which encompasses everything of Sahaja Yoga... It’s not one incarnation, it’s not one nadi (subtle energy channel – in Sanskrit), it’s not one Goddess, but All of it is there. Sometimes I say like a film is audio, visual, everything is there, drama, music, also acting, everything is there in a film now. I mean that far, (is) everything integrated. In the same way, I think Mahamaya has everything, every part, as you tell me, everything that you enjoy, everything that you discover. Everything is in that vision of Mahamaya which has been created for you. (1994-04-10, excerpt from a lecture of the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation on Shri Mahamaya – the Principle-energy that Creates the Great Illusion necessary for the collective and individual evolution .. we’ll watch that amazing talk entirely at our Halton classes when we start the Sahaj Guru Game – Phase#2 because so many important spiritual connections and definitions are beautifully explained by Shri Mataji).

Hope you’ve enjoyed the movie  .. and the surprise! Enjoy below 4 Yogi – Jedi  Knights captured on FILM!!

(click) Four VIDEO Examples of Yogi Knights playing the Sahaj Guru Game!

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  1. adrian

    “Innocence”… my actions and thoughts have clearly been about innocence lately…

    The videos contain two interesting clips…

    The first by a woman who speaks her truth, knowingly or not it doesn’t matter… here is bwhat she said after her experience with “self realization:

    “SKEPTICISM will have to take a back seat”

    The second is by a young boy who speaks his truth, knowingly or not when he says:

    “Everything you could possibly wish for”

    Both are quite remarkable statements, and spoken with a clear sense of “INNOCENCE”…

    Because that is who we really are…

    Mahamaya… has ALL.

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