Nabhi Chakra: Introspect & Meditate with Four Sahaj Gurus! (4 SHORT VIDEOS – Testimonials from Nabhi Chakra Team!)

What is a Sahaj Guru?! What’s the difference from a Guru?!

“Sahaja yogis should never say anything harsh to anyone. They have no right to say. Because without saying anything to you, you got your realization, absolutely free. Without doing anything you got your realization (the awakening of Kundalini energy). And if somebody is coming to you for realization you must do it in the same manner. You didn’t get it through some sort of a austere.. training. So this attitude must be changed. And I have seen that if you have this (austere) attitude then you could be a Guru but not Sahaj. So now try to understand there is a difference between a Sahaja Guru and a non Sahaj Guru. They (gurus, in general) are very hot tempered, very. And a Sahaj Guru has no business to be hot tempered. Everything so nice, so beautiful, we have all enjoying this beautiful atmosphere. Such love, such compassion, such respect for each other. No competition, no politics. Just if you understand one thing that you have got everything in Sahaj manner and in the same Sahaj manner you can give it to others and you’ll respect others the same manner. I think you will be able to …”

says Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga meditation

This article contains the VIDEO capture of the introspection/personal experience & sharing connections part from the presentations offered by all four members of the Nabhi Chakra Team (Sahaj Guru Game 2011).  Our Sahaj Gurus we’ll get to know today are: Jon, Perviz, Sonia and Jupinder. Make sure you go through all four short videos, as each one is unique and provides a distinct  flavor, while they complete each other beautifully, offering all together a fresh and  joyous sahaj wellness-kit for anyone’s Nabhi. Enjoy!


VIDEO#2click here(!) for video & PhotosJONATHAN’s NABHI CHAKRA EXPERIENCE

Shri Mataji: “you’ll be amazed the kind of a Sweet Humour about yourself develops and you really become a very interesting, magnetic personality and a very enjoyable person, extremely enjoyable. Everybody will seek your company. This is what is the Sign of your Guru Principle being Enlightened.”

(excerpt from a talk on Guru Principle, on July 28, 1991 in Italy)

VIDEO#3 – JUPINDER & Class (VIDEO) on: “Is that Nabhi?!” 

VIDEO#4(click for VIDEO & Photos) PERVIZ’s NABHI CHAKRA EXPERIENCE (Overcoming Blood Pressure/ Sugar drop level and Finding  Contentment

Hope you’ve enjoyed our Nabhi Chakra Team (Sahaj Gurus)! The Heart Chakra team comes Next! 🙂

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  1. Helen

    The personal sharing is so wonderful. It helps to make the teachings alive and dynamic. Also helps me to feel/see others have similar issues and challenges and therefore to feel more part and parcel of the whole.

    Thanks so so much. With love,

  2. Helen

    In addition to what I wrote above, I must say that the group it just terrific – filled with joy, love and deep, pure desires.

    These virtues resonate in their faces, posture and voices!!

    My love, Helen

  3. Lincoln Pillay

    .. your depth, commitment, and sincerity to SY is evident by the love, understanding, and enjoyment of the seekers in your beginners class …keep the flag of SY flying high …Mother is always proud of yogis(inis) who carry out Her message to the world … Regards, Lincoln

  4. Angie

    This Guru Game is such a wonderful and inspiring idea! Thank you to everyone who shared their own experiences! It was such a joy to listen. Even after so many years of meditating I have still learned something out of it! I would love to see more! all the best, Angie

  5. Debbie

    Wow – what beautiful vibrations. Thanks Sonia, Jon, Jupinder and Perviz for sharing your experiences – what miracles can be witnessed by practicing sahaja yoga meditation.

    Lots of love always.

  6. Raj

    One of the beautiful things about Sahaj is the ability to appreciate and understand others experience as if they were your own.I can totally relate to the experiences of the participants.This wonderful experience sharing programme is a joy to watch and as Debbie says,the vibrations are lovely!Thank you and please keep it coming!!!!

    Best regards

  7. paula

    Introspecting on particular chakras based on choices made through vibrations has been an enlightening experience for all of us! Don’t ever doubt that all of you project beautiful vibrations live and through the video screen, permeating like a ripple effect. Together we are part and parcel of the whole, a drop in the ocean of love…Vibrations come up like a wave when I see and hear experiences that expand my awareness and make me want to “know myself” and be a better guru. Strand by strand, kundalini rises more and more with each meditation. It is difficult to explain what joy feels like when it permeates your being from the inside out, it is bliss. Shri Mataji says it is the blossom time…means we can all experience this awakening and get connected to the power that created us. It can only take a few moments of thoughtless awareness to get the cool breeze flowing…not just healing us but expanding the joy factor in the present, moment by moment.

  8. laura

    Jai Shri Mataji!

    Really lovely vibrations and stories, and for me particularly interesting as I have a programme going on at my workplace and we have just been round about Nabhi, though not entirely finished.

    So typical of Sahaj, what we need to know is presented at the right time!

  9. Colleen

    Wonderful videos!!! Very informative. Thank you.

  10. purnima clifford

    Hello there,

    Was not able to listen to any of the videos,we live in Australia and would love to hear what was said-thank you for the article on the nabhi-we really need it.Jai Shri Mataji

    1. Ioana

      Dear Purnima, thank you so much for the feedback and for bringing awareness on the videos; we will revisit the article and see what we can do; please try the most recent articles with videos and let us know if you are able to watch those; then it might be a matter of the older version of the code we had used in the past and we can correct/update that easily; thanks again for bringing a cool refreshing breeze from a warm Australian heart!! 🙂

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