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Hua Hu Ching – The wise person dines on something more subtle

  Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Delhi (India), 16 Decemb

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The Becoming, The Faith and the Seven States of Awareness

When you start surrendering, and the Faith com

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New Beginnings Video and Enlightened Quotes about New Dimensions

“As I’ve told you before, that after Realization (the awakening of Kundalini energy)&n

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Thank You Video from an Enlightened Dust Particle

    Love, Joy, Greatness: Watch Sharing Pure Love with Shri Mataji – Mahasamadhi

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Description of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost by Charles Finney – Cool Wind, Breath of God, Universal Proof of Sahaja Yoga Subtle Knowledge of Kundalini

 Here is the description of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost by Charles G. Finney (1792-1875) &nb

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Complex Challenges faced by Students, Teachers and Parents – Mental Health Workshop for School Council **Thank you Letter and Photos

  Recently, we attended a school parent-teacher  meeting with the High-school's Cou

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