VIDEO – “Imagine” (John Lennon) – with Yoann Freget @ The Staircase in Hamilton

The NEXT Program with Yoann Freget @ Staircase Theatre will be on Thursday, October 21  : 8PM-10PM

Address: 27 Dundurn Street North Hamilton On L8R 3C9

Do not miss it!! This is the Last Public Program with Yoann Freget in Ontario so far.

Now, we know that Yoann Freget had a Concert on Friday, October 1st @ Staircase Cafe. Let’s see and hear how was it!

The VIDEO below was filmed during this event (thanks to Ricki).  Enjoy!! (Speakers ON)

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  1. louise

    Beautiful! I hope to be there and share and spread the this to others! XO

  2. ann

    So beautiful and heart moving, brought tears of pure love to my eyes.


  3. Helen

    Was so beautiful – a treasure of love and sound flowing. Purity and wholeness.

  4. Debbie

    Yoann is in all his glory. What a great message to us – just imagine! Thanks also to Omar – they compliment each other so well.

    Lots of love always.

  5. paula erskine

    It was an incredible performance that had a powerful message! I thoroughly enjoyed Yoann singing John Lennon’s “Imagine”. I felt that when he was singing Stevie Wonder’s wonderful songs, that he was sounding exactly like Stevie himself! I have been to two public programs so far and no two shows are the same! Plus it is a great venue to give realization to new fans.It is a soulful, heartfelt gift we have been given all the way from France. Yoann is usually performing in front of thousands! So let’s show our appreciation and come to more than one public program with friends, especially public venues where music lovers and seekers can discover Yoann’s talents and beautiful message of peace. I will definately be coming to support Yoann at the Hamilton Staircase Cafe in the upcoming performance. An ideal, cozy place that celebrates the arts and gives the community a chance to enjoy Yoann’s talent also. Contact me to carpool! I will be bringing my family to support
    Yoann before his tour is over.

  6. maria das graças ferraz

    I loved the singer and the liric. Jay, Grace

  7. Elsie

    I plan to come on Oct. 21. Video is great but live will even be better for me as I feel stronger vibrations then.

    How fortunate we are to have this wonderful singer come to Burlington, Hamilton.

  8. Edda

    He is an extraordinary singer !! the video is wonderful, you can feel his love through his songs.. Beautiful vibrations are coming from his music… I got the chance to enjoy his performance and it so just like being in heaven.. his music rise your kundaline..

    Thank you Yoann for being in Canada giving sharing and teaching us so how to be a good SY..

    all my love

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