Halton Multicultural Council – Feedback on Yoann’s Performance as Special Guest for the HOST program

Feedback from Debbie – volunteer with HMC

Wow – what a great pleasure and honour it was to have Yoann as a guest at the Halton Multicultural Council on Wednesday 22nd Sept 2010. This event was held to show gratitude to the volunteers who provide their help and support to newcomers to Canada. When I informed HMC about Yoann’s visit to Canada and provided them with some details, they were very eager and excited to have him involved in the program.

Yoann blew the crowd away when he started singing. His songs were so pure, uplifting, full of joy and promise. We were clapping, moving in our seats uncontrollably, taping our feet…it was contagious and everyone allowed themselves to get lost in the moment. What a great privilege it was to have Omar on the drums accompany Yoann as well…they created such harmonious melodies and could not erase the smiles on our faces even if they tried.

We had one lady who stood up and personally thanked Yoann for sharing his gift with us and acknowledge how blessed we were to have him grace us with his presence and music. She believes that Yoann is the reincarnation of Bob Marley 🙂 How ironic as Shri Mataji did confirm that Bob Marley was a realized soul too.

Some comments from those who attended include:

“It was a great pleasure to be in Yoann’s presence”.
“Thanks so much for sharing this experience with us”
“Just amazing”
“What a great performer”

Thanks very much Yoann & Omar for this invaluable gift.

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