Thank You Letter from Canada Revenue Agency (October 2017) is A Reminder that We offer Corporate Meditation Yoga Workshops

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Team is  an Appreciated and Experienced Corporate Wellness Meditation Yoga Provider

Yes, our team offers very successful and well appreciated Meditation Yoga anti-stress workshops tailored for corporations. Many a times the employees themselves bring us to their companies, to share the benefits of meditation classes with their co-workers. This is a very good example – just read how we ignited a Health and Wellness Month initiative within a business place in Halton, ON, Canada region.

Appreciation Letter for Sahaja Yoga Meditation Workshop at Canada Revenue Agency (October 2017)

For several years in a row, our team of volunteer instructors is invited to introduce Canada Revenue Agency’s employees to the benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation practice.

It made us happy to receive CRA’s “traditional annual invitation” (early in the Fall 2017); it was a pleasure for Halton Sahaja Yoga to coordinate our presence to this corporate event in close collaboration with the CRA organizers.

This year our team (Peter, Andrei and Cristina) had provided three workshops during CRA’s “Wellness Event” and the participants expressed their enthusiasm for the inner peace quality that our sessions provided.  

On the same day, another “commando 🙂 for  tranquility and inner peace” was operating in the Halton Forests, teaching hundreds of students ‘how to meditate and be in the nature’. Enjoy the lovely feedback we’ve received — these children represent indeed a real hope for a peaceful future .. for more “shots of optimism” check out the article.

(click!) A Modern True Story about “The Enchanted Halton Forests“ 

We are blessed to live in such an amazing country as Canada, blessed with beautiful nature and beautiful people. Enjoy the Fall!

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