Meditate on Being like a Bee and Guru Meaning to Find Balance and Ascend

“First you have to make an effort to be balanced. Then you ascend.

So one has to know that stage by stage it happens to you and you do not became a hypocrite. But you become real. And reality is shown by its own being.

That is how you become. So understand the reality within yourself, face it, solve it. Some such people could try to sit at the front or sort of try to show off. But that is not important.

What is important is how much you know yourself, it is Self-Realization. Once you develop that then you know others in a real way, and not artificially, and then the enjoyment is complete.

Like a bee will never go to an artificial flower ..

Human beings have to become a bee.”

(excerpt from Advises given in 1984, in UK to sahaja yogis by the founder of Sahaja Yoga – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi)

“.. Be the gurus, so that through your own character and through your own personalities, the way you practice Sahaja Yoga in your own life and manifest the light, others will follow you. 

 You are the channels. Without the channels, this all-pervading power (Param Chaitanya) cannot work out, that’s the system.

If you see the Sun, its Light spreads through its Rays.

From your heart the blood flows through arteries; they become smaller and smaller. You are the arteries which are going to flow this blood of my Love to all the people. If the arteries are broken, it will not reach the people. That is why you are so important; very, very important. The bigger you become, the bigger artery you become, then you encompass more people

By that also you are more responsible.

Guru must have the dignity, as I have told you last time. Guru means the weight, is the gravity. Gurutwa means gravity. You must have the gravity, by your weight. ‘Weight’ means the weight of your character, weight of your dignity, the weight of your behavior, the weight of your faiths, and your light.

You become the guru not through frivolousness and vanity, cheapness, vulgar language, cheap jokes, anger, temper: all must be avoided completely. With the weight of your sweetness, of your tongue, the dignity will attract people, just like the flowers when loaded with nectar attract the bees from all over;

 in the same way you’ll be attracting people. But be proud of that; be very, very proud of that, and have sympathies for others and care for others. :-)”

(Excerpt from Shri Mataji’s Talk during Guru Puja 1980 – an international event)

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  1. Rabi Ghosh

    Gurudom is our birthright and we all must imbibe it. So nicely explained. There could be no words to explain beyond. Even the very knowledge of being a guru itself is a great awakening of self.

    But, Interestingly Shri Mataji also mentions that to become a guru, one also needs to become his or her own ‘disciple’ first. That is one must understand to tame one’s ego first and understand the code and ethics of a guru as a disciple first and then become a powerful guru himself.

    What a jump of awareness in human evolution. So Much inbuilt in us. Like Noah has been one of our first Leader the Guru who lead the seed of multitude to thrive.

    Beautiful and so articulated article. Thank you Ioana for bringing several aspects again in our awareness through this illustration.

  2. Jolanta

    Dear Ioana,
    Thank you for assigning this homework to us, online Sahaja Yoga meditators, during these physical distancing times – the transcript of Shri Mataji’s lecture we heard last night.
    Reading the actual words, after listening to them, and seeing the beautiful photographs of nature, helps to absorb this valuable advice.
    I always enjoy the analogies to nature Shri Mataji makes.

  3. Paula

    “First you have to make an effort to be balanced.Then you ascend.”

    It is a feeling that one can physically feel flowing through our system of nerves when the awakening takes place. I also have noticed, that when taken for granted, or in challenging times, it takes pure desire and effort again to balance one self and again enjoy this emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance.

    It is a gift to humanity. It has been a gift for me that I can pass on to so many. A gift one cannot pay for, but that keeps on spreading like ripples in a lake. My mom absolutely loves meditating together on the zoom line with everyone. So easy for her and rewarding.

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