(photos) Yogis Bring Chakra Workshops @ Brampton’s Carabram Festival !

We had a great full weekend of introducing Sahaja Yoga Meditation at the popular Carabram Festival in Brampton.

Yes, even little Canadians LOVED to try and experience Sahaja Yoga Meditation! 

Our booth was centrally placed in the Canadian pavilion. Here there are few photos — see if you recognize your friends – the Yogis from Ontario Classes!

So many youth have tried our meditation – they were impressed that they were able to relax and become thoughtless while Country music was rocking the hall!

Everyone was able to connect, even for a few minutes!

The Joy was floating in the air !Our booth was very busy – yet was filled with divine calmness

We were able to help people from all backgrounds .. to Really Meditate!

The “one on one” workshops were effective! Our talented Seema who started practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation as secondary school student, was able to connect to the lovely kids that were clearly spiritually inclined .. there is Joy in inner peace .. we know 🙂

Yes, Kundalini Energy‘s Cool breeze was felt!

.. big and small .. everyone rested and enjoyed .. the inner peace … quietly.

Our Burlington Yoginis came only for few hours on Saturday evening and we stayed until the very end .. close to midnight .. we enjoyed so much the company of the most welcoming Brampton yogis and other fellow yogis from across Ontario .. as well the beautiful Aboriginal artwork .. and the seekers we’ve met ..

A Big Thank you to our Yogi Brother Mohinder who was instrumental for making the connection to the Carabram Festival 2017 .. We felt truly blessed to be there .. such a “Canada 150+” celebratory moment .. Oh Canada

May All Canadians find their Inner Peace and spread it around the world .. as “Sahaj Gurus” .. i.e. the spontaneous teachers of Self-Realization that “act” through Pure ‘Nirmal’ Love

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  1. Mariana

    great! Bandham is cool! Enjoyment for you all! -Jai, Shri Mataji!

  2. Carolyn Vance

    tremendous work dear Canadians!!!! keep on and soon the entire country will join you. then could you do a tour of the usa?
    big love,

  3. Mohinder Sidana

    It was a beautiful event
    Many seekers came to get their self realization
    It was full of love and joy

  4. Raj

    Awesome effort brothers and sisters! Looks fruitful too! An inspiration for the rest of us to do more.

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