Great Videos – Yoann Freget’s Show for More than 1000 Huskies in Milton’s Public School

In the morning of November the 3rd, 2010, Yoann Freget was invited to do a show for Howthorne Village Public School in Milton, in front of the entire school (children and staff), more than 1000 “huskies”. It was an absolutely amazing experience for all the participants! See below few videos & photos!! They “tell” a lot about this unique event!

VIDEO#1: “Heavens Help us all!” Gospel with Yoann Freget & Omar Davis

VIDEO#2: “Come down the River side” with Yoan Freget

The Meditation Workshop with Music: Feeling the Energy of Mother Earth – Session Conducted by Yoann Freget visiting from France

The Joyful Good Bye  with Group Photos and Autographs from Yoann & Omar

A Big Thank you to Hawthorne Public School with the welcoming kids and very supportive teachers(our gratitude goes specially towards the Music Teacher that had organized the event) for opening their doors for the “Awakening Gospels – Songs for Mother Earth” Tour that was organized and supported by Sahaja Yoga Meditation – a not for profit educational society. We are looking forward to receiving the written feedback for this special event from the students and the staff. There are even more photos and great videos to be uploaded!!! 🙂

See Milton’s Nature & People – Welcoming Yoann and Omar

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  1. paula erskine

    Great vibrations could be felt from the music being presented to the “huskies!” What a great treat for
    open minded schools, open to beautiful music, that
    has the power to unite us, and realize our own greatness,
    and our connection with the universe. If we truly view
    ourselves as brothers and sisters, then, we have the
    power to change the world through peace and love.
    That is the beauty of Sahaja Yoga meditation and
    what it can offer every one of us, a chance to feel the
    power and de-code our true selves. It’s all about
    discovering the spiritual side, nourishing it, and evolving.
    Thank you to Isabelle who was “instrumental” in presenting
    the concept of Yoann offering free concerts in schools, which
    evolved into many schools catching the wave! Thank you
    Ioana for having the idea to bring Yoann all the way from France to sing for Canada! And thank you to Yoann and Omar (on guitar, drums, and singing too!) for dedicating
    themselves to free concerts everywhere that would listen.
    It is been a privilege to see it all unfold and blossom. Thank you to everyone who promoted and worked so hard to make it all happen.

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