Meditate with Persian Music Performed by Iranian Sahaja Yogis @ Halton Eco Festival 2015

Persian Classical Music performed by Iranian Sahaja Yogis @ Halton Eco Festival 2015

—  Tahere Dejahang and Hamid Heidari are married in life as well in music. Young artists skillful in interpreting vibrant melodies based on Sufi poetry while playing the Tar, the Setar and the Tonbak in the style of Persian classical music; a rarity these days.Enjoy their live performance @ Halton Eco Festival 2o15 at Glen Abbey Recreation centre in Oakville singing Sufi Hafez’s lyrics and playing on Setar / Tonbak instruments.


Trying the Vibrations above Crown Chakra at sahaja Yoga meditation booth For almost 7 years Sahaja Yoga meditation is an active participants to the annual Halton Eco festival our group was featured with an Introduction to Sahaja Yoga Meditation public session as well with a Music recital performed by Yogis artists visiting from Alberta. This photo is from our sahaja yoga meditation booth where chakra workshops were offered to anyone interested, children and parents included!


Sufism & Sahaja Yoga Compilations:

(VIDEO) 2 Performances in 1 (Ali Maula and Namaste Calan) with Yogi Musicians from Ontario2nd UMMID International event


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