Day 8 in Whitby – Anandita’s Favorite URDU Song, Learn Colombian Song with Dynamic Kathak Dance & More – Art & Spirituality LIVE in Whitby!


We have received such a treasure of photos and videos from Siva about the “Art & Spirituality” tour in Whitby – all performances were captured on tape and we are sharing here the most special – unique ones. For the Story with Beautiful photos don’t miss this Whitby Article.

VIDEOS Section – with Songs and Dances

Urdu Song with Explanations:

“La Cumbia” – Colombian Song

Dhynamic NEW Kathak Dance:

Learn the Bhajan – “Mahamaya Mahakali, Jay Sherawali”

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  1. Debbie

    Just beautiful – I loved everything especially Mahamaya Mahakali – you can’t help but feel so joyful.

    Lots of love always.

  2. paula

    Bravo Anandita!! I meditated to the Urdu song with the beautiful explanation-that when a pot is full to the top, you cannot put anything else in it. When the mind is full of thoughts from the past and future, also known in Sahaja Yoga as ego and super-ego, the divine cannot put anything in. Meaning, if we make space between the thoughts, and get enlightened through Sahaja Yoga, the brain, in connection with the all pervading power, is granted an unlimited capacity to receive chaitanya, or vibrations or blessings from the divine. It works every time and we cannot “think” our way to getting that connection, we have to “unthink”, make space by meditating and suddenly, spontaneously, like a miracle, you can feel it like a cool breeze on your hands and above your head. Thank you for linking this event to the Sufi website or I would have missed it. You feel the truth on the songs words, language is not a barrier, the kundalini energy within recognizes this spiritual song, and rises in celebration. I felt the truth in my subtle system. Beautifully sung.

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