Sufi Music Recital of Yogis Meditators @ UMMID International Spring Festival in Mississauga on Saturday, April 28!

Sahaja Yoga Meditation in invited on Saturday, April 28th, to this amazing community event in Mississauga, organized by the UMMID International (that stands for Un-Matched Movement for the Improvement of the Disadvantaged ) – a non profit organization.   Sahaja Yoga Meditation will have a booth there, offering chakra worksop and self Realization.

See below Where-When-What and how Sahaja Yoga got involved with providing a Sufi Music recital.

When: Saturday, April 28

Where: Gateway Centre for New Canadians

Address: 3450 Wolfe dale Road, Mississauga, ON L5C2V6

Time: 3pm -> Midnight!

From the Agenda of UMMID International Spring Festival 2012

@ 7:45 pm Music Performance by Nirvanda SUFI Music Band (30 min)

Do not miss this Concert of Qawallis & Bhajans with Ksenia, Sorin, Ahilan and Rishi -musicians that are  yogis-meditators too!! Imagine the vibrations and the benefits of such music that is really enlightened, as the musicians will be in sahaj meditation and connection (yoga) when performing few classical and popular Qawallis – SUFI music. We have the great voices of Ksenia (Russian singer), Sorin (Romanian singer) and Rishi (Indian young singer), as well Ahilan – our amazing Tabla virtuoso that will perform also Shiva’s Tandava Dance solo.

The free (with fundraising) spring festival is organized by UMMID INTERNATIONAL to raise money for the operation  which provides essential community services in peripheries of Ontario, as well in Mississauga, in form of awareness seminars and discussion forums on Addiction in youth, violence against women, isolation of senior citizens and food bank for all communities. And helping families of deceased victims from bomb blasts families left in this world , the education of their children, skill development of widows and health issues of senior parents left . At this event many personalities are expected to come (politicians – MPP, mayor) and around 1,500 people have already confirmed their participation.

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  1. Elsie

    I wish I could have come to this event. their mission statement is honourable and their service so much needed. I’m so glad our Sahaja yoga group particated

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