Yogis at CASINO RAMA (!) receive Appreciation Letter from 2014 Regional Hospice Palliative Care Conference

The Appreciation Letter, followed by Jon’s Thanks & Recollection story

Thank you Letter Sahaja Yoga Meditation- MUSKOKA - 2014 Regional Hospice Palliative Care Conference

Jon’s Thanks & Recollection story

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“Quite a storm..” – Holly on the way to her volunteer job with sahaja yoga meditation

Hello Ioana,

Here is more feedback about Casino Rama.

After clearing up some logistical issues, our trip to Orillia with Sunanda and Payal was slowed by heavy rain and tornado warnings. Very interesting! When we arrived at Casino Rama, we found our way to the Ball Room through a dark Casino (the power was out) where we were received by Karen and the other organizers who invited us to participate in the Palliative Care Worker conference. Casino Rama is such an unlikely place to give inner peace and meditation workshops, but it is amazing to see how Sahaja Yoga meditation can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

Peter, Holly, and Shulin had just started the first session and we joined them. Peter took us through the subtle system and explained how we can achieve balance and access this peace through Sahaja Yoga meditation. Everyone enjoyed the meditation and many felt the sensations on their hands, bodies, and heads. Holly answered questions and told everyone about our meditation classes in Barrie, where many of the attendees live.

Karen told us that the attendees were reluctant to try the meditation at first because other things were available (massage, reflexology, Reiki, etc.). However, those who tried it were very pleased by the experience and quite interested in learning more. Karen admitted that this event was a mix of many things, but based on the very positive feedback, she suggested that we might have a dedicated meditation program for the Palliative Care Workers in the future, possibly early fall 2014.

We can only imagine the challenges Palliative Care Workers face in their profession, as well in their daily lives. We are very pleased to offer our services for these kind folks, and we look forward to working with Karen and the other volunteers in the near future.

Thank you again to Karen for inviting us and including us in the conference.


Photos from Casino Rama, Orillia -2014 Regional Hospice Palliative Care Conference

Realize Orilia team- Shulin-Sunanda-Payal-Peter-Holly-Jon
“Realize Inner Peace at Casino Rama! :-)” Team: Shulin-Sunanda-Payal-Peter-Holly-Jon
Inner peace with sahaja yoga meditation -20th Conference Palliative Care -Casino Rama
Experience of Kundalini energy during the collective meditation @ North Simcoe Muskoka Palliative Care Network Conference where Sahaja Yoga Meditation was invited to present De-stress workshops for care workers.

(click!) Appreciation Letter from BARRIE’s Canadian Mental Health Association for “Morning Inner Peace Workshop with Sahaja Yoga Meditation”- March 25, 2014

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  1. anjali

    Congrats sahaj team of nirmalites. Despite the heavy rain and tornado and power outage our committed team made it for such an important duty. Khudos to everyone. I think it’s all symbolical to show ourselves that even if something may seem hard to get to…we can get there for some many who are waiting for us despite the storm.

  2. Vivek Raghuram

    This is a quote given by Shri Mataji in a program in 2000:

    “Such people can never be hurt. Nothing can happen to them. They will always be saved. Everything will be saved for them, because they are under the protection of their Mother.”

    She was talking about natural disasters and the last line “Everything will be saved for them, because they are under the protection of their Mother” seems relevant to this situation.

    Keep up the good work and keep telling us about the good work that you are doing in such a beautiful manner!

    Love from India,

  3. Célié

    yes, that’s it, keep telling us about the good work; it nourishes our attention and awakens creativity; Thank you

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