Complex Challenges faced by Students and Teachers

Explore the Complex Challenges faced by Students and Teachers (Parents too!) shared in a Mental Health Workshop for School Council

These days there are indeed complex challenges faced by students and teachers (parents too!), starting with the mental health that is affecting so many either directly, or indirectly. This is the reason why, our volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network became experienced in offering Mental Health Workshops introducing simple and yet effective techniques to calm one’s mind, open one’s heart, de-stressing and bringing genuine hope in many touched by dark and anxious feelings.

Recently, we attended a school parent-teacher  meeting with the High-school’s Council to support young, dynamic voices of inner peace. Ana Bianca and Shivangna from Halton/Niagara Sahaja Yoga Youth group provided an eye-opening presentation of their journey from teen-hood, to the present day. 
It became clear that meditation helped them to deal with life’s pressures.

Both had unique back stories. Ana Bianca showed an outdoor interview captured on video of herself explaining how Sahaja Yoga meditation helps her daily.

Shivangna showed a video of her reciting introspective slam poetry about the “weight” of societal pressures.
Each perspective had tremendous value and insight on how to connect with one’s higher self while transitioning into young adulthood.
Now part of the work force, they have the advantage of conveying youth coping strategies from the perspective of a new generation. 

One couldn’t help but admire these young, innocent yet wise ambassadors of peace.
We were eager to hear what their experimental findings of meditative journeys had taught them.

Shivangna and Ana Bianca led a simple meditation so that the teachers, the parents and the vice principal could experience what meditation actually feels like. 
The atmosphere became one of awe,  peace and inner silence. In those moments, we were guided to experience the yoga state through simple affirmations. 

A new feeling of thoughtless awareness permeated the room as each person went beyond the limitations of the body and mind.
The central nervous system was awakened as we connected to the universal power we all have within. We became collectively conscious of a new awareness,  beyond the three dimensions.

CLICK: Self Realization Presentation @ Secondary School, Jan 2019 (16 photos -album)



Hands on our hearts, we each saluted the light in our higher selves, our spirit. Clearly, the participants were moved following the meditation.

One gentleman offered that in addition to forgiving, perhaps it would be a good exercise to forget to get through tougher circumstances.

We ask, “make me a detached person, so I can enjoy the play.”

Another parent asked, “How can I support my daughter while she is away in university?” Shivangna answered her that freedom, meditation and listening when visiting is what helped her to overcome obstacles to her finding her life’s purpose. 

Ana Bianca added that listening and supporting their children is what helped her to navigate from university student to graduate. It is striking that balance as a loving parent of laying a balanced foundation while still allowing room for self-growth. 

Parents, teachers and other Sahaja Yoga practitioners learned a great deal about how youth and people of all ages can experience health and wellness mentally, physically and spiritually through this highly effective form of experiencing yoga connection.
 Shivangna and Ana Bianca have always the love and support of the Halton – Sahaja Yoga family ** here with some proud loving “aunties”
Recently they received the appreciation letter for the introduction to the benefits of practicing sahaja yoga meditation – provided by the chair school council ; we are able to share it with you, including few photos gathered in this photo-album.

Thank You Letter from the Chair School Council

Young Meditators bring their Inner Lights to Burlington’s Seniors 

A Flute with Guided Meditation brought Inner Peace to the “Disable the Label” Youth Halton Conference on Mental Wellness 


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  1. Colleen

    Fantastic article!!! So glad to hear the Yuvas experiences are benifitting others and that they are having such an impact on our society. Thank you for spreading Sahaj through our community. This is wonderful news!!! Much Love to all.

  2. Mohinder Sidana

    Such a beautiful job done by Shivangana & Anna
    so beautiful vibrations
    All love and blessings

  3. Kruti Gandhi

    We are so proud of this amazing yuvas who are not only implementing the true values of Sahaja Yoga in their personal lives, but also sharing this knowledge with others despite of their busy schedules. Bravo!

  4. Helen

    Absolutely beautiful joyful! Amazing feelings and such loving attention!
    Blessings to all

  5. Kavita

    I read this article and am filled with lovely vibrations and peace. Our beautiful youngsters are doing what Mataji has envisioned for the world. Bringing together all humans at the awareness level of peace, tranquility and togetherness. Keep it going Abi and Shivangna.
    Blessing forever

  6. Subbi Reddy Karri

    Excellent interpersonal relations explained through sahaja yoga. Our divine mother blessings to Shivangana and Anna

  7. Antoionette Wells

    Very informative and dynamic!
    An inspiration as usual dear Ioana!
    All best!

  8. Howard Swinson

    Bravo to Shivanga & Ana Bianca!
    So young but wise beyond their years.
    Blessings to you both

  9. Isabelle


  10. Hans Kuna

    Beautiful article and very encouraging to see that young people are now carrying forward such a strong, clear and positive message.


    Hans, Austria

  11. Ioana

    From a teacher and sahaja Yoga practitioner
    (New Zealand):

    “Just read your article on these young ladies program .. brilliant .. as soon as I saw their initial photo.. felt tremednous vibrations .. just filled my Sahasrara (crown chakra).. so heartfelt to see these beautiful instruments of divine Love..Thank you so much .. feel so inspired to show my principal at school . last year we did a program for the staff. They loved it and still talk about it.

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