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The Psalm 23 and MIORITA – A Powerful Mantra for the Heart Chakra with Shri Shiva as The Shepard, Romanian Painting and Bach’s Cantata 122

Shri Mataji - founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation: 'All the beautiful blessings of His are described

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Avatars & Incarnations & Shri Mataji’s Job – Evolutionary Reasons through Yoga of God

Shri Mataji: "The Sent One, means the Avatar, means the Incarnation" "..the Aim of the Incarnat

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Bring the Ocean in a Cup – How everything becomes Spiritual!

"But what we can do is to understand it : That if a colour is dropped on the ocean, the ocean becom

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Realize Complete Fitness with Sahaja Yoga Meditation – From Patanjali to Modern Yoga!

What is  really Yoga?! What is Sahaja Yoga ?! (Excerpt from an Interview with the founder of Sahaja

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Where is Kundalini Rising First?!What is Sahaj Dharma? Answers in Aboriginals Seeking & Primordial Taboos Reflected in Chakras

Swadhisthana, Nabhi, Void and Sahasrara Chakras -Working Together for our Dharma In the summer of 2

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Answers from “The Joy Giving Association” to: What is Life for?! What is Selfishness?! What kills Joy?! What’s the Problem of the World?!

Shri Mataji (founder of  'The Joy Giving Association" known as Sahaja Yoga Meditation :-) ): Majest

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