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Alcohol Effects – Causes & Why Workalcoholics suffer? Chakras Impacted and Solutions with Yoga & Meditation

Nabhi Chakra & Swadhisthana Chakra -  Connections and how the Overwork affects them "Th

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Simple Prayer & (Audio) Advice for the Root Chakra: Mooladhara

Shri Mataji, holding the hand with Shri Ganesha, The Lord of  the Root Chakra "So, it's my prayer

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Falling at the Feet of Her Love – dedication to my Yoga Teacher’s Birthday, with her own Words of Wisdom

"I was folding my hands before you because I knew it would little bit upset you, so I was just keep

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Video of Dogs & Cats with Hearts: Heart Chakra expressed in Animal World + Q & A with Yoga Master on Animals Language & Myths

Love, Care & Responsibility in the Animal realm - pure expression of the Heart Chakra Unders

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Meditate on Emotional Intelligence with Lotuses & Essential Definitions – Answers

Shri Mataji: "However great a man may be in society, without love he will lack the force of gravity,

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Who is Lord Shiva – Mythology, Diagram with Symbols, Connection to Chakras and Example of Meditation for Heart

Meditation with Shri Mataji for the Heart Chakra  - Sahaja Yoga Seminar in UK, 1988 "Please clos

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