How to get a ‘Sahaja Yogi’ Diploma Certification

Let’s find out How to get a ‘Sahaja Yogi’ Diploma Certification or if that’s even possible

Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – is seen spreading ‘vibrations’ (energy) in Bucharest, Romania while “checking” the Kundalini energy’s strength above a sahaja yogi’s crown chakra.

The Founder of Sahaja Yoga is Talking about What Certifies a Sahaja Yogi

We will be offering some excerpts from the lectures of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Let’s see what we learn from them!

Becoming Your Ideals – They Are like Torches!

“If you become the Ideals, the Power of Ideals itself will make you so Dynamic that you don’t need to consult anybody, you become the ideal. They are like torches. Your ideals itself will be enlightened.

So the first attitude should be:’ how do we deepen ourselves?’

That should be the first attitude.


So in your meditations, you have to sit down. Now what do you see in meditation? Try to see all the chakras, what chakras are catching, face it yourself. These might be from your past life that some chakras are weak, try to make them all right, try to strengthen them because ideals have to be worked out.

The instrument has to be all right, if the instrument is a crazy one how will you do? So first of all you must develop your instrument properly, it should be balanced, powerful, and not cowardly.

People should feel your Power. Of course the power is of Love, but love doesn’t mean that you compromise with all the nonsensical things. There should be no compromise at all. It’s a very self-certifying state. We cannot say when it is, so we just cannot say. It, the state itself, will certify that ‘I’m all right now; I have reached that state.’ You cannot say after five hours three minutes and two seconds you will become that. You just Mature and see that maturity within you.

Once you understand that, unless and until you become your ideals, you are not a Sahaja Yogi.”


Quite often we receive the following questions:

How can one obtain a certificate or a diploma or a degree in Sahaja Yoga Meditation? How one becomes a certified instructor or teacher in sahaja yoga meditation? When and how one becomes a Sahaja Yogi? What is a Sahaja Yogi?’

I felt that the best answers to these fundamental questions should come from the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation: Shri Mataji.

See an example of Sahaja Yogi Diploma.

We all have to read again and again the above excerpt and imbibe ourselves with its many profound truths.

Nowadays to ‘do yoga‘ or to ‘do meditation‘ or even more, to ‘teach yoga‘ or ‘teach meditation‘ became such a trend and ‘en-vogue’ as well quite a ‘good job’ to have.  That’s why Sahaja Yoga is a challenge: it is for everyone, it is collectively offered and received (no special /exclusive clubs, no expensive yoga spa where our chakras actually become stressed out), it is free and even more: one cannot pay to be certified and the only motivation should be the one that used to be thousands of years back when Yoga and Meditation immersed from the Seers: the Pure Desire for Self -Realization.

Nothing more and nothing less other than Becoming The Ideal or Awaken and Arise your Kundalini energy. Are we “there”?!

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  1. adrian

    From the Quote…

    “people should feel your power”… “of course the power is of LOVE”…

    So how do you know when you are Sahaj…

    For example… you will desist from defending a point of view… because when you have no point to defend, you do not allow the birth of an argument… and when there is no argument you allow your LOVE to come through… that is your POWER… and that is Divine.

  2. Elsie

    I understand that to become a Sahaja yogi, you must become your ideals, according to Shri Mataji. You cannot pay for a certificate. Sahaja yoga is freely offered. I strive to make changes in myself, to reach these ideals that I have set for myself. There aren’t too many, yet I must reach my goal. It is taking time for me. The power of love must be understood and drawn upon when anger seeks to overcome me. Through meditation I am slowly learning more and more, about my life and my actions so that I can truly say I am a Sahaja Yogi

  3. Debbie

    As we continue to practice Sahaja Yoga, we will realize the transformation in our lives that makes us better human beings and Sahaja Yogis.

    Lots of love always.

  4. Manga

    As a yogi keeps practising meditation and learn to balance his own subtle system, understand and assimilate knowledge through which he/she enjoys his/her state of awareness a sincere gratitude develops which spontaneouly takes him to urge to share this love that he/she received to others. Shri Mataji’s lectures and her own work gives guidance to do this and ofcourse connection with the Divine itself is established gradually to do this job which is nothing but humanity.

  5. Ashok K Singh

    Transformation is a continious process,if Shri Mataji bless us ,there r no diversions.

    1. Thank you for This edition, it help us a lot, I understand that,I believe and practice it sice 14th years ago, from Lima Perú

  6. Jolanta

    Very useful information, coming straight from the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
    Thank you

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