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Sorin – Born again

" It is so simple but the believing process it might be so complicated. What our world should loo

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Rajinee – My journey from Being Afraid of the “G” Word to Finding God as per Confucius

Until my mid-thirties, I was so afraid of the “G” word.  I would avoid places, people

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Rebecca – My journey with Sahaja Yoga Meditation (ONLINE SYMN sessions too!)

* November 2017 to May 2020 * Photo by Ana Bianca -- sahaja yogini from Burlington After work

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Carol – My Experience with Root Chakra Meditation

  "Hello Ioana!   You asked me to write down my Four Experiences with Mooladhara Meditation  -

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Amanda Philip Carmela – Three Cups filled with Optimism (Video-Testimonials)

There are 3 testimonials. Each one feels like a refreshing cup filled with Truth, Optimism and Pos

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Carmela – Meditate Each Day, Keep the Pain Away

(VIDEO) Carmela's Testimonial @ Burlington Class' 10th Anniversary Being Pain Free After Surgery wit

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