Last Bouquet of Photos and Impressions: One Day Yoga Meditation Retreat “Motherly Guru Seminar” at Peter’s and Crawford Lake

 Watch the photos, “Listen” to our recollections and Feel the vibrations! It was such a blessed special day!

Shilpa –  Brampton Class

I am pleased to write to you about the seminar!

 We enjoyed the structured seminar with tremendous vibrations.

Especially enjoyed helping the beginners and the discussion of talk that we listened to.

Kids had a wonderful time walking down the Crawford lake trail.

 They remembered the ripples effect in lake due to drizzling.   Keep up with your enthusiasm in Sahaja yoga as it is motivational!!

Love, Shilpa

Kathleen (Cool Kids Classes in Halton)

The seminar was wonderful.

  I met new “cool kids” and we went outside to hug and give vibrations to the trees. 

Even if i wasn’t able to watch Shri Mataji’s talk, upon entering the room i felt openness of Heart and in a way it cleared my heart chakra as well.  I felt the Collectiveness’ love!

Cathy and Dr Narrie – Barrie class

Saturday was great, Thanks again!

 General description of the Seminar

We’ve enjoyed a full day Sahaja Yoga Seminar – “Retreat” on Satuday, July 22. First we had a “Going Deeper” session at Peter’s most welcoming house in Burlington. Besides getting to know each other from all corners of Ontario, the sharing of personal stories about spiritual growing, physical and emotional healing, even how children made remarkable progress in school  with the practice of this form of yoga meditation — was truly special. The potluck as always : a yummy success! We did treatments for our chakras too, as well we’ve experienced the connection with Mother Earth outdoors in Peter’s garden — we were dancing literally in the rain, singing mantras and giving vibrations to the trees — clearing as well our root chakra through the feet. it’s so much to say!

 We had an impromptu “Cool Kids” as well went later on to the Crawford Lake and were lucky to be admitted to a very thorough teaching session in the Iroquoian village. Then we took a stroll around the Lake and also had a profound meditation-prayer for the souls that used to live in the area thousands and thousands of years back as well for the deities / spiritual archetypes that are blessing this place and all  Canada and for all Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth. We prayed for unity, peace and Respects among all nations. 

Kashmira -Oakville Class

Thank you so much for the blessed day of Love and Togetherness. It was Blissful!

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  1. Mariana

    again- wonderful and you took the nature also within your attention as a part of us!
    yes we are blessed all the time if we are in connection with our Creator!
    May God bless this world!!!
    love – Mariana.

  2. paula

    I was enjoying the collectivity so much at the seminar. It is so energizing to be amongst yogis…everyone is ascending, our attention is going higher collectively, on our spirit and much higher. The vibrations were beautiful and felt very much. There is so much pure love for each other, like one big family.

  3. Anjali

    Dear ones even though I was not with you all…this lively article gave me a beautiful glimpse of this wonderful day of togetherness. Missing you all very much. Thank you for these wonderful article and updates…makes me feel so inclusive amd always loved.

  4. Anna Mancini

    Dear Ioana and all, a very beautiful report! Truly dynamic and so powerful! A union of nature and vibrations! What could be better for us? Thank you!! Jai Shri Mataji!

  5. Paula

    Superb vibrations from all the collective sharing! Love Crawford Lake so much, mother earth and the aboriginal origins are very much felt here. Enjoying seeing shining faces and fun!

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