SNAP Burlington about Sahaja Yoga Meditation Program – Anandita in January 2010 Article

The above article in SNAP Burlington (monthly magazine) represents a sweet echo from the time “When Rhythm Becomes Meditation” – expressed as a Free Special Community Event filled with Music, Dance and Yoga-Meditation – where Anandita Basu was enjoyed by everyone as the Star of the evening. Many thanks to SNAP that had honoured our invitation to the Debut of this Tour in Burlington, with the presence of SNAP’s reporter and photographer Christopher Lee – who also wrote the short article presented above.

It is beautiful to start the year 2010 with this beautiful memory -and we can mention another generous article on this event, provided in November 2009 by the Burlington Post daily newspaper – see it here!

All can enjoy and re-live the memories about Anandita’s 1st Canandian Tour with 17 Programs in 2009 – when she performed in 3 Provinces while she was offering wonderful expressions of Art & Spirituality: Videos with Dance & Songs & (Miracle!) Meditation Experiences: here!

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  1. Nilganesh

    Jay Shri Mataji! and all Her Love and Blessings to our sahaji’s family in Canada and to all Canada and canadians!

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