Video with Anandita’s Meditation – Singing to Kundalini!

Enjoy the Sahaj Meditation with Anandita

Public Program, Burlington Nov 24

We thank Maxim for recording and providing the Video.

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  1. Edwin Hou (Fai)

    i once saw her on the stage in Cabella, Italy. What impressed me most is her story.
    She was from India and married to a Columbian Sahaji. She shared her story as follows (the best i could recall) she was born in a music family, knows tabla (Indian drum ), traditional singing as well as traditional dance – all very difficult to learn, she just got the talent to manage them all. Then as such she just become a bit arrogant. Once she went and helped out in a Sahaj programme in India, once she started playing the drum, her hands got frozen and could not move. Then at that moment she start to really understand and realize that all her telent is simply granted by The Divine and her talent is only for the Divine. She humbled down and became a much stronger and better Sahaji.
    Actually, we could imagine when migrated to Columbia how music and dance just got a uplift there and how happy were the yogis there.

  2. floringlsy


  3. avi

    Such a beautiful effort 😉

  4. Veni Grig

    Divine is working through Anandita very beautifully. Vibrations of the music, and dance are so joy giving.

  5. Keshav

    Anandita , such an amaizing , beautifull Instrument , singing the Divine Truth wherever Mother takes her.Full of pure love and so sweet grace.

    so proud to be her “litle” brother

  6. Mary Iglesias

    Thank you Anandita, I fill the joy bliss looking at you.
    Im from Lima Peru. South America.

  7. Rajani

    When I hear Anandita speak or sing, it feels as though love is emanating from her. The first time I heard her sing was during the meditation when she sang “Jago”. I could feel the cool breeze on my Sahasrara – her voice was so beautiful and full of love. It makes me understand and feel more of what Sahaja Yoga is – pure love.

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